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Turbulent schedules

The clitter clatter of tiny clockwork feet resounded in the wake of the Professor as he bulleted through the morning checklists.  Ensuring the energy output and input from the creature was always the first priority, but as usual it was content and the electricity flowed to the city without flaw.  

 He then checked the consoles and mechanisms for tampering, ensured the wires were in the proper spaces, cleaned up any nuts that cluttered the floor, and questioned the clockworks for anyone that might have visited the area.  

That was just the first fifteen minutes of his day.  

Following the checklist, he would proceed to the other rooms to ensure a smooth day of operation.  The second to last item on the list was double checking the checklist to make sure he covered everything.  He paused outside to check when he saw something he failed to account previously.  Contacting Dr. Westbridge to confirm his visit next Monday, however it was still rather early to send a message.  Still it could wait until this afternoon.

It was usually noon before he was satisfied that the station would suffer no meltdown until late that evening.  Quinn would normally walk to the nearest establishments and treat himself to a light lunch after this exhaustive morning procedure.

Unfortunately, Captain Hienrichs interrupted his train of thought.

She had investigated the anomaly as he requested, but she was ambushed by several engines of destruction, and while she was preoccupied another facility she’d been guarding was struck. An inmate, a young boy, had been kidnapped from the asylum.  Moreover, for the past few days she thought Professor Quinn himself was the kidnapper.

It was ludicrous, and Quinn couldn’t hide his consternation at the accusation.  Did he not have enough responsibilities and problems?  Why would he want to add to them by kidnapping an inmate?  

Fortunately for him, his lack of flesh hands had just eliminated him as a suspect.  

He was still reeling from the revelation that he had been a suspect as she requested his assistance in tracking down her culprit.  Whomever it was had access to, and possibly a deep understanding, of portal technologies.  They had caused the anomaly in the Fells with their actions and dropped clockworks on them out of tiny portals.

He would have Mr. Pendle add this to the checklist later.  As he worked on studying the anomaly, and sent for the devices that Captain Heinrichs had recovered, the telegraph operator himself delivered another concerning letter.

Someone had tried to kill Dr. Westbridge last night.

Quinn grumbled to himself as he felt a vein throb in his head.  He tossed his checklist to Mr. Pendle to make the necessary adjustments t0 greeting their visitor next Monday, “I thought you said October was when this town fell to shambles…”

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon September 30, 2016

    *ponders that Professor Quinn is doing quite well for a human*

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