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Trick or Treating

This year it is not just for urchins!

Any store owner, land owner, renter can place one out as long as it is in prim limits. Pumpkins are 3 prims each. Ask someone for the special jack-o-lantern pumpkin if you want to participate, they are already circulating.

Nothing fancy  this time around, simply put your gift in the pumpkin, make it set to sale contents for 0L, and put it out. No scripts or anything, we are making it simple.

I do how ever ask that you please do not give away this pumpkin, lets keep it for this event only.

As not everyone will be able to do so on October 31st, why not place your pumpkin out ahead of time. October 24th is the official start, sp please place it out by the night before hand, and leave it out until at least November 1st.

Lets have fun with this and enjoy the community.

If you are planning to place a pumpkin please send Rip Wirefly a notecard with a lm to it so we can make a list for people to follow around town, via a map perhaps.

On a side note, we are planning a Babbage hunt to come in January, more details will come out soon, so start to plan for that!

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