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Town Hall Meeting, Sept. 10, 2011

Sept 24 – Engineer’s Ball (build TBA)

Oct. 8 – World Zombie Day (Elleon, Victor1st)

Oct. 22 – Masquerade Ball (build TBA)

Trick or Treating (Thermite)

Nov. 12-19 Fleet Week in Winterfell (Aeolus Cleanslate, Wildstar Beaumont)

Nov. 19 – Military Formal (build: Pirate Dream Boat)

Nov. 24 – snowfall

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk September 10, 2011

    [13:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: welcome and/or welcome back, everyone. good to see you all agian
    [13:00]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: You as well, Clockwinder.
    [13:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: here’s what’s on my mind this season
    [13:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: first off, we
    [13:01]  Satu Moreau: Can’t hardly moove.. oh god, computer wants to die.
    [13:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: ve got osme new tools for building. this is a good time to consider upgrading your builds, especially if they’ve been standing since before i was mayor
    [13:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: i have condemned some builds, specificially
    [13:01]  Breezy Carver: Perfect music for a town hall i would say .. smiles applauds Miss Gabi :)
    [13:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: bow street depot, and the 2 rowhouse blocks in babbage canals
    [13:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: i will not be evicting anyone, but building buildign around who is in there now.
    [13:02]  Satu Moreau: If I just sat on someone’s lap, I apologize
    [13:02]  Ceejay Writer: sigh. I understand about Bow Street, but I admit I am sentimental.
    [13:02]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Me too
    [13:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: its a hot mess
    [13:02]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: When is it going?
    [13:03]  Breezy Carver: Me too !!!
    [13:03]  Breezy Carver: feel badly about it :(
    [13:03]  Breezy Carver: just saying
    [13:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: that build did not transfer intact during the sprocket/tenk transfer
    [13:03]  RustyBones Fearsum: Hehe, ‘s my song
    [13:03]  Ceejay Writer: It is. But I have many memories there. Please document it well with photos first!
    [13:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: and its no longer occupied by silentsparrow
    [13:03]  Blackberry Harvey: Maybe we can work as a team to rebuild it in Raimondo?
    [13:03]  Breezy Carver: nods
    [13:03]  Breezy Carver: also sad
    [13:03]  Leia Rossini: a restoration, perhaps for something with such history
    [13:03]  Breezy Carver: but industry sigh does March on :)
    [13:03]  Elilka Sieyes: oh bother, what did I miss?
    [13:03]  Robin Sprocket: :)
    [13:04]  Victor1st Mornington: as bob dylan once sang, For The Times…They Are A Changin….
    [13:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: i would like the merryman public house to be put on the ground floor. it will have to be reconstructed, as watson doesn’t appear to have a copy in his inventory
    [13:04]  Tepic Harlequin: sorry!
    [13:04]  Tesla Tripsa: Bow Street Station is going, Watson.
    [13:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: from the rfl build
    [13:04]  Breezy Carver: i just love the steps and the train .. stop there
    [13:04]  Ceejay Writer: We are about invention, progress, reinvention. Even of our own history, methinks. *nod* I’m good with it. I still respect the old beat up places.
    [13:04]  Breezy Carver: will you still have a station there ? Clockwinder ?
    [13:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: the elevated tracks are staying, it will be a similar building, but it needs a complete rebuild
    [13:04]  Elilka Sieyes: aw, Bow street
    [13:04]  Breezy Carver: ah nods .. :)

    [13:05]  Tesla Tripsa: Every train station needs a pub
    [13:05]  Mosseveno Tenk: watson is also working with me to get some new streetlamps in clockhaven to help reduce primmage
    [13:05]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: the former Constabulary office
    [13:05]  Breezy Carver: thats fair Clockwinder :)
    [13:05]  Mosseveno Tenk: the rowhouses are probably the oldest builds in babbage, but they don’t even have chimneys!
    [13:05]  Breezy Carver: well there is rubys Tes :)
    [13:05]  Mosseveno Tenk: we can do better.
    [13:05]  Victor1st Mornington: id make a multi story hotel, ya can cram more folks into it…
    [13:05]  Elina Koskinen: W has lovely rowhouses too
    [13:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: Tesla Tripsa’s streetlamps from the rfl build have replaced the old streetlamps around town
    [13:06]  Breezy Carver: many of us started there at least spent lots of time there :) . years gone back :)
    [13:06]  Elilka Sieyes: I’m still fond of the old ones…I know they’re old. still breaks my heart.
    [13:06]  Breezy Carver: they are wonderful ! YAY ! Tesla !!
    [13:06]  Victor1st Mornington: new streetlamps! YAY!
    [13:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: those will not be added to the object giver, and i will not give them out full perm. they are liscenced for use in this estate only.
    [13:06]  Ceejay Writer: Streetlamp replacement seems smart. LOTS of prim impact.
    [13:06]  Breezy Carver: gosh we are suckers and sentlemenatl lot
    [13:06]  Tesla Tripsa blushes
    [13:06]  Leia Rossini applauds, “well done Mrs. T”
    [13:06]  Elilka Sieyes: we are :)
    [13:06]  Breezy Carver: :)
    [13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: i would like to take some more improvements into babbage square sim especially, like the rails that were made
    [13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: but there’s not enough prims.
    [13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: i’m working on that
    [13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: i’m stretching everying i can
    [13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: this will increase the rubberband effect for people in viewer 1
    [13:07]  Robin Sprocket: The new large prims should help.
    [13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: but i’m not noticing it in viewer 3
    [13:08]  Ceejay Writer: But catering to V1 is somethinig you can’t do forever.
    [13:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: if you are curious, here is how many prims i have available for myself to do city improvements. and snow.
    [13:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: academy, 1254 prims. that’s with the sandbox empty
    [13:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: canals, 926 prims. with a trolley
    [13:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: clockhaven, 342 prims.
    [13:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: clockhaven can never have enough prims
    [13:09]  Blackberry Harvey: Needs more clocks…
    [13:09]  Tesla Tripsa: Is that enough to do snow?
    [13:09]  Victor1st Mornington: dang academys got a lot of prims spare….
    [13:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: NB #7, 670 prims. that’s with over 800 prims in the sandbox
    [13:09]  Junie Ginsburg applauds Mr. Tenk for getting the prim count in Clockhaven out of the red
    [13:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: palisades, 320 prims. i think.
    [13:09]  Satu Moreau: I don’t even use all my prims in Clockhaven. I never completed some things for my barge
    [13:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: its hard to tell with those train cars hopping aorund in th eyard. they rez randomly
    [13:09]  Elilka Sieyes: why do I get the feeling square is still bottom…

    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: port, 1100 prims, with the Penelope rezzed
    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: square, 370 prims. it was less than 200 at the begining of the week
    [13:10]  Victor1st Mornington: 370 aint too bad
    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: square is a single prim sim that can easily be primmed out.
    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: so it’s not too good either. you can’t overdraw here.
    [13:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: sea, 271
    [13:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: sea doesn’t need snow prims.
    [13:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: i haven’t got into the tubes yet, but there is not much left there to stretch.
    [13:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: wheatstone, 1350. Piermont borrows against that to support the monthly build challenge
    [13:12]  Mosseveno Tenk: any questions so far?
    [13:12]  Bookworm Hienrichs tries to unglaze her eyes.
    [13:12]  Victor1st Mornington: one other thing, those snow sculpt packs…they are set for the old 10m, but a NON edged snow sculpt can be stretched out to 64m as well….
    [13:12]  Mosseveno Tenk: snow is goign to be a lot easier this year. no more searching thru the salt huds
    [13:12]  Blackberry Harvey pictures Brunel under one giant snowdrift
    [13:12]  Ceejay Writer: True – winter should be MUCH less a hit this year.
    [13:12]  Elilka Sieyes: true, and we can pack more horizontal detail in
    [13:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: right, speaking of piermont, the new buuld has landed
    [13:13]  Victor1st Mornington: new piermont! YAY!
    [13:13]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Aha.
    [13:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: i need to figure out some way of workign the canals around it so it looks like it belongs there.
    [13:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: maybe some sort of basin.
    [13:13]  Ceejay Writer: Yes! Personally I love it! I am fond of Astounding Skyline Features. Makes visitors drop to their knees.
    [13:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: the Engineer’s Ball will be Sept 24, for those of you that have been haivng piermont withdrawals.
    [13:14]  Blackberry Harvey: Woo!
    [13:14]  Breezy Carver: :)
    [13:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: and the build challenge will be announced, probably this week.
    [13:14]  Ceejay Writer squees and waves at Jack.
    [13:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: october ball will be on teh 22nd, masquerade theme
    [13:14]  Salazar Jack nods
    [13:14]  Breezy Carver: well the enterance is not complete :) yet .. snickers :)
    [13:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: and november ball will be the military formal that wraps up fleet week

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk September 10, 2011

    [13:15]  Robin Sprocket: :)
    [13:15]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Woo!
    [13:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: yep, still some work to do on peirmont, but we’ll get there in time for the ball
    [13:15]  Tesla Tripsa: Fleet week again already?
    [13:15]  Ceejay Writer sits up straight at mention of Fleet Week.
    [13:15]  Elilka Sieyes: (will this be the year I make that bloody outfit…)
    [13:15]  Elina Koskinen remembers their first masquerade and the lag XD
    [13:15]  Leia Rossini makes note of the need for new gowns
    [13:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: Fleet week will be nov. 12 to 19, in
    [13:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: drum roll
    [13:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: Winterfell!
    [13:15]  Ceejay Writer: Yes?
    [13:15]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds
    [13:15]  Robin Sprocket: Ooo!
    [13:15]  Blackberry Harvey: Whoa
    [13:15]  Ceejay Writer: Ohhh!
    [13:15]  Breezy Carver: YAY!
    [13:15]  Victor1st Mornington: ohhhhhhhh winterfell :)
    [13:15]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: hmm
    [13:15]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Nice!
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: Capt. Wildstar will be workign with Mr. Cleanslate to make things happen.
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: so direct yoru questions to them please.
    [13:16]  Breezy Carver grins that should be an experiance for dear Adm Wildstar smiles
    [13:16]  Robin Sprocket: OK
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: ah, admiral wildstar!
    [13:16]  Breezy Carver: :)
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: and i can tell you that the november build challenge will be
    [13:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: drumroll
    [13:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: Pirate Dream Boat
    [13:17]  Breezy Carver: smiles ..
    [13:17]  Ceejay Writer: (where did all these drums come from?)
    [13:17]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander chuckles
    [13:17]  Victor1st Mornington: :-o
    [13:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: i think i might even enter that one..
    [13:17]  Blackberry Harvey: Pirate dreamboat?
    [13:17]  Scottie Melnik: Woohoo!
    [13:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: right. any questions on fleet week?
    [13:17]  Breezy Carver: suggested my Mr Scottie Melnik by the way :)
    [13:17]  Robin Sprocket: Yes, where do we sign up?
    [13:17]  Mosseveno Tenk nods to Melnik
    [13:17]  Glaubrius Valeska mutters ‘dreamy pirate boat?’
    [13:17]  Robin Sprocket: :D
    [13:18]  Breezy Carver: love this song .. just sharing :)
    [13:18]  Blackberry Harvey: Scottie the pirate dreamboat
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: righto
    [13:18]  Ceejay Writer: had a very shiny prow….
    [13:18]  Scottie Melnik likes that one better.
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: The Aether Salon has changed hands
    [13:18]  Breezy Carver raies hand
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: unfortunatly the old build would not transfer
    [13:18]  Breezy Carver: riases hand
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: yes breezy?
    [13:18]  Breezy Carver: wavess them
    [13:18]  Breezy Carver: you left out december Sir :)
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: that’s next season
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk grins
    [13:19]  Robin Sprocket: How do I contact Capt. wildstar please.
    [13:19]  Breezy Carver: that would be the steam Santa and broiler elf ball .. oh sorry december is next season gosh.. pardon me .. blushes sits quietly hands folded
    [13:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: don’t want to ruin the suprise for the december ball… theere are children listeing.
    [13:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: Wildstar.. Beaumont? is that right?
    [13:19]  Breezy Carver: nods nods ..
    [13:19]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: yes

    [13:20]  Mosseveno Tenk nods
    [13:20]  Robin Sprocket: Wildstar Beaumont? Check.
    [13:20]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: King of rang and spar ships.
    [13:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: So, Baron, what is goign on with the Aether Salon rebuild?
    [13:20]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: *rag
    [13:20]  Breezy Carver: and photographs !
    [13:21]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: We are planning a contest open to New Babbage builders only. The parameters and display location will be specified in an announcement.
    [13:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: excellent.
    [13:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: stay tuned.
    [13:21]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Naturally, it will need to accomodate a large audience with as few prims as possible.
    [13:21]  Satu Moreau: Ooh!
    [13:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: that is an unusal lot as it is actualy two 512’s, each in different sims.
    [13:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: that is so you can get more avatars into it
    [13:22]  Robin Sprocket: Smart
    [13:22]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: and has been amusing in the past
    [13:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: it was always amusing during restarts
    [13:23]  Tepic Harlequin: fraid i have to nip off!
    [13:23]  Edward Pearse: It’s more fun walking along the roof
    [13:23]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Heh. It was amusing when I went to remove something left there recently.
    [13:23]  Satu Moreau: XD Hopping from one sim to the next?
    [13:24]  Mosseveno Tenk: Mr. Cleanslate is still seekign submissions for his Tales book project
    [13:24]  Blackberry Harvey put one in
    [13:24]  Robin Sprocket: Eagerly awaiting that!
    [13:24]  Bookworm Hienrichs: And Kickstarter donations.
    [13:24]  Mosseveno Tenk: and preorders, there is a kickstarter page link in the forum to get that pre-funded.
    [13:24]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: How much more does the project require?
    [13:24]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Need $170 in 5 days.

    [13:25]  Tesla Tripsa: Of course right when I’m broke
    [13:25]  Ceejay Writer: Yes, please check kickstarter and pre-reserve your book, help it all happen!
    [13:25]  ThermiteUltima Resident: I can pay that.
    [13:25]  Emerson Lighthouse nods
    [13:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: the other tales, the audio podcast i do, is not dead, just in the usual extreme slow motion. the story nights are fun, but that is one of those things that has to happen in its own time.
    [13:25]  Robin Sprocket: ****YAY****
    [13:25]  Breezy Carver gasp
    [13:25]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Kickstarter link is
    [13:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: the current episode has been stalled by a constuction project next to wexhome’s rl house.
    [13:26]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Ouch.
    [13:26]  Blackberry Harvey: You could make it the story of building!
    [13:26]  Edward Pearse: Heh
    [13:26]  Mosseveno Tenk grins
    [13:26]  Ceejay Writer: Oh! Yers. Free sound effects.
    [13:26]  Blackberry Harvey: Soundtrack of New Babbage
    [13:26]  Tesla Tripsa: “It was a dark and stormy night *sound of jackhammers*”
    [13:26]  Edward Pearse: Adaptation: Babbage Edition
    [13:26]  Elilka Sieyes: oh dear XD
    [13:26]  Ceejay Writer: Suddenly a rivet rang out?
    [13:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: if you are interested in reading, hit me up for my email to send a sample recording to. don’t let victor’s voice intimidate you.
    [13:27]  Breezy Carver: and and a man shouted .. YOU done yet ?
    [13:27]  Victor1st Mornington: i just let thumper do the intimidating….
    [13:27]  Elilka Sieyes: makes note ‘ability to roll Rs not required for recording’
    [13:27]  Breezy Carver smiles
    [13:27]  Robin Sprocket: Aw! 404 on Kickstart page… Something’s gone wrong…
    [13:27]  Edward Pearse: Thumper is the driving force behind Schnuffel Bunny
    [13:27]  Breezy Carver: grins
    [13:27]  Satu Moreau: XD I’ve submitted mine before, you hadn’t called yet. Should we send you a reminder we’re willing if we’ve done so before?
    [13:27]  Mosseveno Tenk: i do want to do another christmas show. last year’s show was very well recieved, sort of like a christmas card from teh city.
    [13:28]  Ceejay Writer: It was very good.
    [13:28]  Leia Rossini: a christmas show?
    [13:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: so might have to get that started earlier tho, so we can have it aired before boxing day.
    [13:28]  Leia Rossini: ahh a broadcast… got it
    [13:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: the folks at radio riel were very impressed with it.
    [13:28]  Tesla Tripsa makes a note to have working sound by christmas
    [13:28]  Elina Koskinen missed that one
    [13:28]  Ceejay Writer: Tenk, remember there’s a lot of fodder in that Primgrpah issue from last year. Stories.
    [13:28]  Victor1st Mornington: and fo course designing worlds will be doing another babbage special in their next season….
    [13:28]  Mosseveno Tenk nods
    [13:29]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Yes there is
    [13:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: and there’s the flash fiction volumes, those could be recorded.
    [13:29]  Ceejay Writer: I’ll warn Mister Biggins to run fast, run far.
    [13:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: but that’s winter stuff.
    [13:29]  Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: Snow will fall on Nov. 24, that is easy for americans to remember

  3. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk September 10, 2011

    [13:30]  Edward Pearse: Is that Thanksgiving?
    [13:30]  Mosseveno Tenk: and as it is currently fall, please get rid of the flowering trees.
    [13:30]  Blackberry Harvey remembers to bring his secret tomatoes inside
    [13:30]  Mosseveno Tenk: yes, 4th weekend in november is thanksgiving for the yanks. long weekend for most of us, so we have time to get in
    [13:30]  Breezy Carver: n preluding seasons :) the cockwinder like to savor each one :) get ride .. gosh .
    [13:31]  Robin Sprocket: Hee
    [13:31]  Robin Sprocket: ;)
    [13:32]  Edward Pearse waits for Tenk to come back to this window
    [13:32]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Raises hand
    [13:32]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander clears his throat
    [13:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: right
    [13:32]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: I bet you’d like to know what’s going on with the militia
    [13:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: jed
    [13:32]  Edward Pearse: Goddamn Viewer 2
    [13:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: militia
    [13:33]  Breezy Carver: laughs
    [13:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: i miss a lot of messages in v2 type viewers. so do hit me up again if i seem to have ignored something.
    [13:33]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: I’m having office hours at Clockhaven, or at my place if you have any walk in business
    [13:34]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Any particular time?
    [13:34]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: The ICS crew in Blakes is starting to have regular fights on weeknights
    [13:34]  Satu Moreau: Ah, so that’s what that was the other night
    [13:34]  Robin Sprocket: Yes I’ve been there!
    [13:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: iron melee is back?
    [13:34]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: I am planning on having two events in the near future
    [13:34]  Robin Sprocket: Good practice. Some amazing Captains
    [13:34]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Not quite
    [13:34]  Blackberry Harvey: The militia HQ next to the Gangplank should be back up to form Real Soon Now

    [13:35]  Ceejay Writer: Next Prim Perfect issue is all about the Blake Sea, if that helps anyone.
    [13:35]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: This is another bunch of folks in Blakes running this stuff
    [13:35]  Elilka Sieyes: it may help me to stop thinking of Blake from Blake’s 7 every time someone says that.
    [13:35]  Robin Sprocket: LOL
    [13:35]  Edward Pearse: :-)
    [13:35]  Robin Sprocket: A very accomodating group.
    [13:36]  Edward Pearse: Just don’t let Avon pilot the ship
    [13:36]  Elilka Sieyes: (Blake Sea sounds like something curly and Welsh)
    [13:36]  Mosseveno Tenk makes teh bodysnatcher howl to watson
    [13:36]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: We will be having a naval school of instruction for some of the new ship drivers
    [13:36]  Ceejay Writer: Oh good idea.
    [13:36]  Edward Pearse: Sinking 101
    [13:36]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander chuckles
    [13:36]  Breezy Carver: pfft :p
    [13:36]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: and for the grunts I am planning on a night of ground combat at a secret undisclosed loction
    [13:36]  Ceejay Writer: (share the dogpaddling animation around)
    [13:36]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: *location
    [13:37]  Satu Moreau: Oooh!
    [13:37]  Bookworm Hienrichs grunts.
    [13:37]  Amadeus Hammerer: Which time do you plan your events for?
    [13:37]  Robin Sprocket: As Captain Static always says, it’s not if you sink, but if you look good doing it!
    [13:37]  Ceejay Writer: *nods at Robin*
    [13:37]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: I’ll be sending a note around for what times work best
    [13:38]  Amadeus Hammerer: ok
    [13:38]  Mosseveno Tenk thinks jed and kimika should build a little outpost on the beach at raimondo for a mustering point to blakes sea
    [13:38]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: While I want to be as accomodting as possible, I am on eastern us time.
    [13:38]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Ergo, I need to be there :P
    [13:39]  Robin Sprocket: They would love to have you at Blake.
    [13:39]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: …and I have a Naval Outpost in the works boss :)
    [13:39]  Amadeus Hammerer: Well, it sounds like a late night event then…
    [13:39]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: To answer Book’s question, it has been when I took a notion to have office hours so far

    [13:40]  Robin Sprocket: I think it’s 5:oo PM SL, Tue and Thu
    [13:40]  Amadeus Hammerer: lol
    [13:40]  Robin Sprocket: Blake Diego is the rally point
    [13:40]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Sunday afternoons, 2 or 3 ish SLT
    [13:41]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: and of course, the Armada party is Sunday at 11 SLT most times
    [13:41]  Robin Sprocket: Yes, we shall be having it tomorrow, even in Adm. Static’s absence
    [13:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: i don’t mind armada fleet spam in our group chat.
    [13:41]  Amadeus Hammerer: Nice idea! Ok, I’ll have to stay with the blake Diego-guys.
    [13:41]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Cappy and I have been scheming a little for a crossover navy event
    [13:42]  Robin Sprocket: Aye!
    [13:42]  Mosseveno Tenk: mmm, lets talk about holiday decorations
    [13:42]  Mosseveno Tenk: i’m a bit lenient on halloween
    [13:42]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: There are going to be some tidying up of the militia groups agin. Done!
    [13:43]  Mosseveno Tenk: but please, try to make it look period.
    [13:43]  Breezy Carver: smiles :) thinks of the possiblities on that :)
    [13:43]  Edward Pearse orders an orange paint gun
    [13:43]  Edward Pearse: With neon
    [13:43]  Mosseveno Tenk: i am not as lenient about christmas
    [13:43]  Breezy Carver: no leggos lincoln logs ok ?
    [13:43]  Mosseveno Tenk: if this is your first holiday season here,
    [13:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: do not bring those one prim christmas trees here.
    [13:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: i will find them.
    [13:44]  Breezy Carver: hehe ..
    [13:44]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: With a flamethrower.
    [13:44]  Blackberry Harvey: a.k.a. Tenkbane
    [13:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: me and tesla tripsa both wear temp prim finders.
    [13:44]  Leia Rossini snortles
    [13:44]  Tesla Tripsa: Yes, we will hunt you down and…oh
    [13:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: our sims are too heavily loaded to handle those things. i can usally feel when one is operating.

  4. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk September 10, 2011

    [13:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: if it sounds too good to be true on marketplace, it probably is.
    [13:45]  RustyBones Fearsum plans to put fingers for the trick or treaters again.
    [13:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: ah, trick or treater!
    [13:45]  Edward Pearse: Heh
    [13:45]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: A disturbance in the yule
    [13:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: who wants to organize trick or treating this year?
    [13:45]  Blackberry Harvey giggles
    [13:45]  ThermiteUltima Resident slowly raises a paw.
    [13:45]  Edward Pearse: I want to invite Raglan over for Trick or Treat :-)
    [13:45]  Mosseveno Tenk gazes slowly about the rook
    [13:46]  ThermiteUltima Resident: I volunteer myself?
    [13:46]  Ceejay Writer: Are TenkOLantern’s allowed out? *innocent smile*
    [13:46]  Robin Sprocket: LOL
    [13:46]  Mosseveno Tenk pencils in thermite
    [13:46]  Breezy Carver grins
    [13:46]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: YAY!
    [13:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: can you make them say something else?
    [13:46]  Victor1st Mornington: world zombie day in october as well
    [13:46]  Ceejay Writer: I think Viv made em.
    [13:46]  RustyBones Fearsum: What they say now?
    [13:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: world zombie day?
    [13:46]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Mine says “I love Jed”
    [13:46]  Ceejay Writer: I actually no longer have one. Sigh.
    [13:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: volunteer?
    [13:47]  Breezy Carver: awww :)
    [13:47]  Ceejay Writer: (over10,000 items lost last Fall)
    [13:47]  Leia Rossini: lovely
    [13:47]  Edward Pearse: Ouch!
    [13:47]  Mosseveno Tenk smashes the pumpkin
    [13:47]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: World Zombie Day!
    [13:47]  Ceejay Writer: I would love to see a fresh TenkoLantern for this season.
    [13:47]  Tesla Tripsa cries
    [13:47]  Blackberry Harvey: I would love to commit to a late October event, but I’m buying a house in RL and lots of unknowns around that time for me
    [13:47]  Edward Pearse: Building contest :-)
    [13:47]  Tesla Tripsa: I propose a pumpkin decorating contest
    [13:47]  Robin Sprocket: Congrats BB
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: Elleon is usualy behind zombie week. that shouhld be interesting as always
    [13:48]  Blackberry Harvey could DJ zombies at least :)
    [13:48]  Victor1st Mornington: okies Blackberry, i’ll take care of the halloween party, done it last year from what i remember
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: anyone know hwen that is?
    [13:48]  Victor1st Mornington: World Zombie Day is the 8th
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: saturday, oct. 8
    [13:48]  Edward Pearse: Pffft “World”
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: that is going to come up quickly.
    [13:48]  Victor1st Mornington: im….assisting elleon with it this year…but shes getting the blame for it all
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: vic and elleon?
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: excellent
    [13:49]  Tenk-O-Lantern: “Do tell.”
    [13:49]  Tenk-O-Lantern: “for all values of if, please cite when.”
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: ah, i should recognize Mr. Underby,
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: who has joined Dr. Obolensky in surviving one of the most difficult jobs in the city
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: and grueling
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: and that is being my vacation villian.
    [13:49]  Robin Sprocket: :D

    [13:50]  Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
    [13:50]  Victor1st Mornington: XD
    [13:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: he is off on a well deserved vacation.
    [13:50]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: I was gonna say when did Underby marry Book?
    [13:50]  Elilka Sieyes: Hah XD
    [13:50]  Bookworm Hienrichs shoots a killing glare at Jed.
    [13:50]  Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:50]  Victor1st Mornington hides in the corner
    [13:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: i have a pretty good idea what those gentlemen villians have to go through while i’m out on my adventures, and it is appreciated.
    [13:50]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander hides a grin
    [13:51]  Ceejay Writer: *nod* Huzzah for the helpful villians!
    [13:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: Thanks also again to Tesla for stepping into the landsitter role.
    [13:51]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander applauds
    [13:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: I do pay her for that, because its not a fun job.
    [13:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: and she does it very very well
    [13:51]  Bookworm Hienrichs applauds Tesla.
    [13:51]  Salazar Jack: Bravo!
    [13:51]  Elilka Sieyes: cheers Tesla
    [13:51]  Leia Rossini cheers
    [13:51]  Sky Netizen applauds Tess
    [13:52]  Tesla Tripsa smiles
    [13:52]  Ceejay Writer: For Tesla!
    [13:52]  Pierre Ceriano: Bravo Tesla ! :)
    [13:52]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Woohoo Tes!
    [13:52]  Ceejay Writer: YAY!
    [13:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: I’ve bankrupted my vacation fund for a while, so yo’re all safe.
    [13:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: for now.
    [13:52]  Edward Pearse: Aaaaw you secretly miss us all and want to spend more time here
    [13:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: yo’re welcome to my photos for texture fodder, as always. i keep them on a flickr, and my real life family wonders why the hell i take hunderds of pictures of walls and windows….
    [13:53]  Robin Sprocket: :)
    [13:53]  Ceejay Writer: Let em wonder.
    [13:53]  ThermiteUltima Resident: Tell em it’s a hobby.
    [13:53]  Tesla Tripsa: They’ll never understand. I don’t even try and explain SL to people anymore
    [13:53]  Mosseveno Tenk: and i don’t mind if you sell what you make from those. htat’s what they are for.
    [13:54]  Mosseveno Tenk looks at the clock
    [13:54]  Elilka Sieyes: I explained it to my workmate the other day, and she was delighted and said ‘that sounds brilliant!’ … had to pause and do adouble take
    [13:54]  Mosseveno Tenk: anythign else?

    [13:55]  Pierre Ceriano: My family thinks i still play Mecano or Lego ^^
    [13:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: and thanks for the bicycle tour, watson.
    [13:55]  Edward Pearse: Public transport question
    [13:55]  Salazar Jack: Thank you for photo resource!
    [13:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: ik brunel did indeed build one badass suspension bridge.
    [13:55]  Elilka Sieyes: most welcome. (and was out with annother Babbager today looking at some very porny buildings)
    [13:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: mr. pearse?
    [13:55]  Edward Pearse: Any word on East/West trams?
    [13:56]  Mosseveno Tenk shakes his head
    [13:56]  Mosseveno Tenk: no idea.
    [13:56]  Sky Netizen: Just wanted to give a quick thanks again for all of the fun with the Air Kraken Festival, folks. It went well, hope everyone enjoyed it. :-)
    [13:56]  Mosseveno Tenk: i’m working on getting prims out of the tracks now.
    [13:56]  Ceejay Writer: Loved it heaps, Sky.
    [13:57]  Robin Sprocket: Yes, brilliant fun!
    [13:57]  Emerson Lighthouse applauds the air kraken festival
    [13:57]  Junie Ginsburg cheers the Melniks for putting together the festival
    [13:57]  Mosseveno Tenk: very unexpected to be so busy in august here!
    [13:57]  Blackberry Harvey: May I put in a request for the elevated line once it’s operational to have a library/hospital terminus? Especially if Bow Street is going?
    [13:57]  Scottie Melnik applauds Sky for doing all the hard work.
    [13:57]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: An excellent festival.
    [13:57]  ThermiteUltima Resident: I have to say I discovered New babbage at the perfect time, Air Kraken Festival was a wonderful thing for a somewhat new face around here!
    [13:58]  Sky Netizen blushes
    [13:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: only corridor i’ve got in canals to run track wotu be over the canal. the west side of the sim is poorly laid out, and i can’t work with it.
    [13:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: that would be the canal that has the sea gate on it.
    [13:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: righto, one minute left
    [13:59]  Blackberry Harvey: I mean the real high elevated line
    [13:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: random comments!
    [13:59]  ThermiteUltima Resident: Umm….bunny powers activate?
    [13:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: right, i’ll keep it in mind. thre’ are prims to play iwth in canals.
    [13:59]  Edward Pearse: Can I play with the cemetery for Halloween?
    [13:59]  Ceejay Writer: I like pie.

    [14:00]  Victor1st Mornington: Everyone still using old Veiwer 1 will have to start getting used to Viewer 2 very soon…

    [14:00]  Junie Ginsburg: I like Ceejay.
    [14:00]  ThermiteUltima Resident: Form of…an Ice menorah!
    [14:00]  Ceejay Writer blushes
    [14:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: i skipped 2 and went to 3.
    [14:00]  Elilka Sieyes: alas yes, Vic *tears hands from phoenix
    [14:00]  Elina Koskinen: oh noooo
    [14:00]  Edward Pearse: Firestorm has the mesh release out but it’s buggy
    [14:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: i really hate that the edit highlight does not show you hidden prims. makes clean up very difficult.
    [14:00]  Robin Sprocket: But… but why?
    [14:00]  Scottie Melnik: The mesh Firestorm is fairly stable to me.
    [14:00]  Blackberry Harvey: Stay tuned probably sometime in November for a Babbage-style pizza contest
    [14:00]  Glaubrius Valeska: I am spartacus
    [14:00]  Salazar Jack: /Tenk’s been working on the railroad, all the live long day. Tenk’s been working oon the railroad, just to cull some prims away. Can’t you see his pryer pullin’? Freeing prims from portage to the Square. Don’t distract him or be sullen. Don’t interrupt him Babbage, don’t you dare!
    [14:01]  Elina Koskinen: it keeps making me do embarrassing accidental flyings
    [14:01]  Victor1st Mornington: theres a lot of land options in the new server which simply will not work with Viewer 1, also LL will be hobbling V1 search to make it useless…
    [14:01]  Ceejay Writer: *perks* Food contest!
    [14:01]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: I am Spartacus
    [14:01]  Elilka Sieyes claps :D
    [14:01]  Mosseveno Tenk: righto, meeting officially over. feel free to continue talking tho. i’m ending teh transcript here.

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