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Town Hall Meeting August 28 2010

BUG REPORT: is there a length limit? my entries are not appearing, so i’m breaking them up into smaller bits.

[13:02]  Victor1st Mornington: looks like this one is gonna be busy
[13:02]  Victor1st Mornington see’s the look of dread on Mr Tenks face…
[13:02]  Bela Lubezki: good evening
[13:02]  Tepic Harlequin: ello Miss Heermit! :-)
[13:02]  Queer Hermit: Hello Tepic !
[13:02]  Morat Barbosa: Good evening everyone
[13:02]  Victor1st Mornington: hello
[13:02]  Phaedra Underby: Oh dear…sorry Mr Mornington
[13:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: Righto, if everyont could take off thier radars please, it will help. turning them off is not enough.
[13:02]  Sheryl Skytower: *munches on cookie*
[13:02]  Victor1st Mornington: ohhhhhhh its ok :)
[13:02]  Gingersnap Gothly: good evening everyone
[13:03]  Blackberry Harvey de-AOs himself
[13:03]  Mosseveno Tenk feels watched.
[13:03]  Satu Moreau: Radars?
[13:03]  Victor1st Mornington: everyone remove all huds….
[13:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: For the oldtimers, you know that I do not track group chat well in large groups,
[13:03]  Rommie Serenity: If I could be a burden, could people De-hud themselves?
[13:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: so please keep the local chat on topic
[13:03]  Satu Moreau: De-hudded.
[13:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: and the backchatter in steampunks of new bababge chat,
[13:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: or i won’t be able to make any sense of it
[13:03]  Satu Moreau: Lol
[13:03]  Satu Moreau: I’ll probably forget to put it back on too.
[13:04]  Victor1st Mornington: elleon XD
[13:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: Welcome back everyone!
[13:04]  Victor1st Mornington: YAY!
[13:04]  Elleon Bergamasco whispers “Hallo Victor :D”
[13:04]  Rommie Serenity: Will I need to enable voice for any of this?
[13:04]  Victor1st Mornington: no rommie
[13:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: we’ve been through soem really rough times lately,
[13:04]  Rommie Serenity: Righty-o


[13:05]  Mosseveno Tenk: FIrst off, website. Evreyone shouhld be on now
[13:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: The old Ning is still up, but as far as we are concerned, it is non functional.
[13:06]  Glacier Snowfield: what heppened to the Ning?
[13:06]  Glacier Snowfield: oh well okay
[13:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: Our web team is Aeolus Cleanslate
[13:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: Blackberry Harvey
[13:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: and Cyan Rayna
[13:06]  Bela Lubezki claps wildly
[13:06]  Elleon Bergamasco applauds the Web team
[13:06]  Avariel Falcon: ♫ ((( Yay! Applause! Yay! ))) ♪
[13:06]  Kimika Ying: Well done!
[13:06]  Stargirl Macbain: YAY!
[13:06]  Marion Questi: Kudos to all of them!
[13:06]  Sheryl Skytower: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
[13:07]  Glacier Snowfield: /em applouds
[13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: The forth memebr, Greg Merryman, passed aaway a month ago as we were working to get the project live
[13:07]  Marion Questi: Outstanding job.
[13:07]  Fono Heninga: *round of applause*
[13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: but you can bet we’re not letting it go.
[13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: there is still a lot of bugs in it
[13:07]  Serafina Puchkina applauds
[13:07]  Glacier Snowfield: oh my…
[13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: babbagegers are just stubborn like that!
[13:07]  Rommie Serenity: That is a shame.
[13:07]  Mosseveno Tenk: Righto. I know a lot of people hae been concerned about all the red on the real estate map out there.

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  1. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 28, 2010

    [13:15]  Mosseveno Tenk: FOr october, I hear there is a series of mystery murder parties planned? Miss Serenity?
    [13:15]  Glacier Snowfield: oh now that ssounds exciting
    [13:15]  Stormy Stillwater: Miss serenity is gonna be murdered?
    [13:15]  Ariana Farstrider: Yes it does
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk looks to Rommie Serenity
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: OK. we’ll get back to her.
    [13:16]  Rommie Serenity: Well, I have been talking with a few people about securing locations for murder mystery parties and masquerade balls to be held, with scavenger hunts to follow
    [13:16]  Stormy Stillwater: Dun dun dunn!!!!
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: yay!
    [13:16]  Blackberry Harvey: A mystery mystery!
    [13:16]  Mosseveno Tenk: Have you found a sponsor?
    [13:17]  Stormy Stillwater: Mystreous mystery!
    [13:17]  Rommie Serenity: I think MichaelID Was willing to.
    [13:17]  Mosseveno Tenk: Great. How many events are you planning?
    [13:18]  Beq Janus: Depending on the requirements I could host a ball in Aegir’s halls beneath the Vernian. It really depends on the space needs etc
    [13:18]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I could as well.
    [13:18]  Stargirl Macbain: Same for the gangplank.
    [13:18]  Rommie Serenity: I still need prizes for the scavenger hunt, and since I have graduated from college I can hold as many events as people want to attend!
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk smiles
    [13:18]  Glacier Snowfield: oh an underwatr party, that is fund sounding
    [13:18]  Mosseveno Tenk: These are your friends. They love it when the bodies start stackign up
    [13:18]  Blackberry Harvey: Huxley Hall is usually available too, maybe we can have a rotating even through the Vernian depths
    [13:19]  Satu Moreau: Lol
    [13:19]  Storm Thunders: or an undersea hunt
    [13:19]  Mosseveno Tenk: Most the long arc roleplay in babbage is triggered by a murder.
    [13:19]  Gilhooly Skute: next one should be triggered by cheese….
    [13:19]  Satu Moreau: XD

    [13:20]  Stargirl Macbain: yes
    [13:20]  Stormy Stillwater: Who will it be this year, who will be sacraficed for the same of rp!
    [13:20]  Beq Janus: a lot of nightmares are triggered by cheese
    [13:20]  Mosseveno Tenk: for folks coming form tother sims, the storytelling style that we prefere is probaly a lot slower than what you are used to.
    [13:20]  Glacier Snowfield: or maybe some sort of steam powerd cheeswheel monster?
    [13:20]  Satu Moreau: Psh
    [13:20]  Satu Moreau: Used to slow storylines with the gm of my own group outside of SL.
    [13:20]  Stormy Stillwater: Glacier is Doc O! I knew it!
    [13:21]  Satu Moreau: He’s got stuff in the works for 15 years.
    [13:21]  Glacier Snowfield: Oy!
    [13:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: A wise young urchin once stopped me in teh street and said
    [13:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: babage is a place
    [13:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: where science and magic fight for believers.
    [13:21]  Blackberry Harvey: ooh
    [13:21]  Satu Moreau: ^_^
    [13:21]  Mosseveno Tenk: and i thougth about that for a while.
    [13:21]  Salazar Jack smiles
    [13:22]  Svengali Merlin: ?me likes magic
    [13:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: while we do know that magic does not work well here, and that has always been a very improtatn aspect to our story
    [13:22]  Mosseveno Tenk: i couls see that he’d managed to say it perfectly in the fewest words possible.
    [13:22]  Beq Janus: we exist on the cusp of Clarks 3rd law
    [13:22]  Beq Janus: Clarke’s
    [13:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: The 3rd major story for the fall has already started. Mr. Scottie Melnik iis the control storyteller.
    [13:23]  Rommie Serenity: Well if anyone would like to volunteer for roles, please send me notecards or IMs
    [13:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: It is a tale of intrigue, and the bodies will start stacking up, if i’m reading this right.
    [13:23]  Ariana Farstrider: I would volunteer but I missed some of he stuf after hunts.
    [13:23]  Victor1st Mornington: i didnt even know about a new story line starting up…
    [13:23]  Mosseveno Tenk: Thes story wil explore the rift between the scientists and the occultists
    [13:23]  Ariana Farstrider: and murder mystery lol
    [13:23]  Stormy Stillwater: So we will have plenty of finerals at the soon to be opened temple?
    [13:24]  Glacier Snowfield: ohh will Borc be involved?
    [13:24]  Stargirl Macbain: Sounds like fun.
    [13:24]  Mosseveno Tenk: and it will also allow the role of the chuch to be developed.
    [13:24]  Stormy Stillwater: Funerals*
    [13:24]  Mosseveno Tenk: what i’ve seen so far is interesting.
    [13:24]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander looks thoughtful
    [13:24]  Scottie Melnik: And more is on the way.
    [13:25]  Satu Moreau: yayyyyyyy
    [13:25]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: BPRI is a new paranormal group for all of the Steamlands))
    [13:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: this is a ‘street level’ story, there will be occiasoinal high visibility events, but for those that don’t like roleplay, it shouhld also be easy to ignore
    [13:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: if its not, tell me.
    [13:25]  Kristos Sonnerstein grins.
    [13:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: BORC shouhld be having a royal feast served up for them on this, i’d think
    [13:25]  Kristos Sonnerstein: And if one wants to get more deeply involved?
    [13:25]  Mosseveno Tenk: Mr. Melnik? Care to say a few words?

    [13:26]  Stormy Stillwater: BORC plans on a full investigation against several members of Babbage, as well as going against the chuirch, It sould be quite a splendid rp.
    [13:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: someone poke scottie
    [13:26]  Sky Netizen: He’s typing I think.
    [13:27]  Scottie Melnik: Well, as the mayor said, things will be popping up.
    [13:27]  Sheryl Skytower: uh.. what sort of investigations?
    [13:27]  Elilka Sieyes: BORC? Rationalist group?
    [13:27]  Rommie Serenity pokes Scottie, “Poke!”
    [13:27]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: If possible BPRI would like to get in on some RP here
    [13:27]  Stormy Stillwater: We shang give away all the fun spoilers, shall we? :)
    [13:27]  Ariana Farstrider: mmhmm
    [13:27]  Stormy Stillwater: shant*
    [13:27]  Scottie Melnik: If you’re not interested, no one will be forced and everyone should remember not to force anyone to participate, directly or otherwise.
    [13:28]  Scottie Melnik: Fairly standard, I think.
    [13:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: /ne nods
    [13:28]  Scottie Melnik: Just have fun if you’d like and there shouldn’t be anything that offends the senses, but there’s a lot of people here and it’s always hard to tell.
    [13:28]  Mosseveno Tenk: very free form. its up to you how you will respond to the events as they unfold. or what sort of alliances you will make. i’m not even sure how many groups will be poping out of the cobbles
    [13:29]  Satu Moreau: Lol
    [13:29]  Rommie Serenity: I have a suggestion Mosseveno.
    [13:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: Mr. Tenk

  2. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 28, 2010

    [13:30]  Rommie Serenity: For the unpurchased parcels
    [13:30]  Stormy Stillwater: Oh, just for those curious, BORC stands for Babbage Occult research Committee. If your intersted in joining as an investagator please send me or Heliotrope Lionheart an im or notecard.
    [13:30]  Scottie Melnik: And if anyone has a problem or thoughts on these matters, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
    [13:30]  Rommie Serenity: Sorry, Mr. Tenk. Perhaps a sort of facade build could be constructed to keep the sim looking full?
    [13:31]  Jonathon Spires: It looks pretty full now
    [13:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: I stick things on empty lots sometimes, depends on where they are.
    [13:31]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: BPRI – Bureau for Paranormal Research and Investigation for those curious
    [13:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: empty lots will actualy move faster.
    [13:31]  Beq Janus: We had that once with lots of dummy builds from Loki, but its September now it’ll be filling soon enough I am sure
    [13:31]  Rommie Serenity: Alright!
    [13:32]  Thrice Skyward: A vacant lot can be just as atmospheric anyway, with the right attention to detail.
    [13:32]  Tepic Harlequin: hehhe people here see an empty lot, and get the urge to build!
    [13:32]  Rommie Serenity: …You know…that lot needs a deathray.
    [13:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: Right. as far as land goes.. i do not anticipate any more sims showing up here any time soon. and i don’t see babbage ever getting much large after the 2 corners are filled in. i
    [13:32]  Blackberry Harvey: That’s what happened to me… the “Hey I could do that” syndrome
    [13:32]  Mosseveno Tenk: we mgiht hook up with armada someday if hte logistics can be worked out with sealevel
    [13:33]  Elleon Bergamasco: what does “soon” mean?
    [13:33]  Sky Netizen: Excellent!
    [13:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: here’s the thing some people don’t realize.
    [13:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: babbage cannot ‘go big’ like caledon or antiquity
    [13:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: wihtout killing what bababge is
    [13:33]  Elilka Sieyes: *nods*
    [13:33]  Amadeus Hammerer: Yess!
    [13:33]  Mosseveno Tenk: righto, moving on
    [13:33]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: nods
    [13:34]  Sheryl Skytower: I likes it being small. LIke me. *grins*
    [13:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: we’re coming up on the academy aniversary
    [13:34]  Stargirl Macbain: YAY!
    [13:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: that was the last sim added to babage, last october.
    [13:34]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander chuckles at the dragonin
    [13:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: everyone remember what we found when it came?
    [13:34]  Stargirl Macbain: Yessssss
    [13:34]  Blackberry Harvey: Ooh yes.
    [13:34]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: at least Babbage has a detailed library
    [13:34]  Glacier Snowfield: wow has it been almost a year already?
    [13:34]  Elleon Bergamasco: ZOMBIES!
    [13:34]  Stargirl Macbain: Kittens, right?
    [13:34]  Elilka Sieyes: Strangely I can’t quite cast my mind back…
    [13:34]  Rommie Serenity: I don’t know.
    [13:34]  Fono Heninga: HEE
    [13:34]  Sheryl Skytower: *cleans gatling gun*
    [13:34]  Blackberry Harvey: Quite affordable tracts of la… I mean zombies.
    [13:34]  Mosseveno Tenk: October 10 is World Zombie Day!
    [13:34]  Avariel Falcon: Yay!
    [13:34]  Stargirl Macbain: Woot Woot!
    [13:34]  Ariana Farstrider: WOOT
    [13:35]  Sheryl Skytower: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
    [13:35]  Kimika Ying: marks calender
    [13:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: Miss Bergamasxo, Mr. Mornington, have we got anthing planned?
    [13:35]  Gilhooly Skute: hug yer zombie?
    [13:35]  Breezy Carver laughs
    [13:35]  Glacier Snowfield: wooot Zombies
    [13:35]  Sevastian Sorrowsong wonders if there is going to be a steampunk version of “thriller” playing
    [13:35]  Glacier Snowfield: haha
    [13:35]  Elleon Bergamasco: em… not at the moment..
    [13:35]  Ariana Farstrider: Aww
    [13:35]  Victor1st Mornington: theres gonna be a party in Brunel for the 1st anniversary of Academy opening, thats gonna be on the 9th
    [13:35]  Ariana Farstrider: that would be cool
    [13:35]  Elleon Bergamasco: I think World Zombie day will be October 10th again..
    [13:35]  Stormy Stillwater: I’ll have to buy that zombie ao I been looking at!
    [13:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: can we barricade ourselves in the hotel?
    [13:36]  Stargirl Macbain: Ooo!
    [13:36]  Victor1st Mornington: 9th of october i mean….wouldnt be too hard to do a special event in academy on the 10th as well
    [13:36]  Elleon Bergamasco: I can try to cook something up if there is interest
    [13:36]  Blackberry Harvey: Zombie cook-off!
    [13:36]  Mosseveno Tenk throws up a little
    [13:36]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: lol
    [13:36]  Elleon Bergamasco smacks her head at her bad word choice
    [13:36]  Stormy Stillwater: Who can cook the best dish using brains!
    [13:36]  Glacier Snowfield chuckles
    [13:36]  Sheryl Skytower: tastes like… chicken!
    [13:36]  Victor1st Mornington: throw out the zombie rezzers….lock the doors of the hotel and have a party….
    [13:36]  Fono Heninga: mmm, gamey
    [13:36]  Blackberry Harvey: Oh, I just mean like tacos al cabeza, blood sausage, haggis…
    [13:36]  Mosseveno Tenk: ooookayaaaa
    [13:37]  Satu Moreau: Lol
    [13:37]  Satu Moreau: Boudin, the cajun haggis.
    [13:37]  Stormy Stillwater: Chelupacobara? :)
    [13:37]  Mosseveno Tenk: stay tuned to see how that develops
    [13:37]  Elleon Bergamasco: zombies in the canals… Chili Cookoff!
    [13:37]  Mosseveno Tenk: moving on
    [13:37]  Mosseveno Tenk: please
    [13:37]  Elleon Bergamasco zips her lip
    [13:37]  Glacier Snowfield: gotta love it
    [13:37]  Mosseveno Tenk: You might have noticed that babbagers are really into building
    [13:37]  Satu Moreau: yayyyyyyy
    [13:37]  Mosseveno Tenk: teh build challenge this month is for a fountain
    [13:37]  Ariana Farstrider: Yup! I caight the bug
    [13:37]  Ariana Farstrider: *caught
    [13:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: and the fountain will have cogs in it, somehow
    [13:38]  Ariana Farstrider: Hmmm
    [13:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: in 30 prims or less.
    [13:38]  Rommie Serenity: Awwww…
    [13:38]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: was it clockworked, trider?
    [13:38]  Satu Moreau: Hmmmm…
    [13:38]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: Strider*
    [13:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: there will be prizes, as always, and the judging will take place at the Engineer’s Ball
    [13:38]  Ariana Farstrider: Yeah those dmn lil clock work bugs are pests.. hard to kill.. like roaches
    [13:38]  Mosseveno Tenk: We do this every month.
    [13:38]  Rommie Serenity: I can build you an awesome 200+ prim fountain?
    [13:38]  Ariana Farstrider: LOL
    [13:39]  Storm Thunders: what size space should it fill?
    [13:39]  Satu Moreau: What’s the date on the Engineer’s Ball?
    [13:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: Oct. 2 is the fall kite festival
    [13:39]  Beq Janus: not a fountain of cogs?
    [13:39]  Ariana Farstrider: I had designs for one RL… I’ll have to try and remember it.
    [13:39]  Satu Moreau: That too, what space?
    [13:39]  Kimika Ying: 30 prims or less = Flyable!
    [13:39]  Ariana Farstrider: LMAO
    [13:39]  Mosseveno Tenk: go ahead and buy the ball invitation if you have not got one yet

    [13:40]  Ariana Farstrider: Oh you need an invite?
    [13:40]  Rommie Serenity: I feel so loved, I have to buy an invitation to a ball.
    [13:40]  Satu Moreau: Lol
    [13:40]  Sevastian Sorrowsong chuckles
    [13:40]  Avariel Falcon: ^_^
    [13:40]  Gilhooly Skute: not everyone’s someone, somebody’s nobody until yer somebody, then yer like everybody
    [13:40]  Stormy Stillwater: Babbage is just that exclusive.
    [13:40]  Ariana Farstrider: lol Gilly
    [13:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: We also have the kite festival coming up, somethign we forgot to do in spring.
    [13:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: Mr. Questi? Your turn.
    [13:41]  Sheryl Skytower: we’sh special!
    [13:41]  Mosseveno Tenk: Did we loose Mr. QUesti?
    [13:42]  Jasper Kiergarten: he’s beside me here
    [13:42]  Ariana Farstrider: Whats the kite festival about? What do we do?
    [13:42]  Marion Questi: Back…
    [13:42]  Marion Questi: The kite festival is the second one we’ve held
    [13:42]  Marion Questi: The first was great fun
    [13:42]  Marion Questi: There will be a kite building contest.
    [13:43]  Marion Questi: And a flying contet.
    [13:43]  Ariana Farstrider: Oh cool
    [13:43]  Tepic Harlequin: an urchin lifting kite?
    [13:43]  Gilhooly Skute: oooer
    [13:43]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander enjoyed being a judge last year.
    [13:43]  Marion Questi: To enter the flying contest you must have my scripts in you kite. See me about that.
    [13:43]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: okay
    [13:44]  Jonathon Spires: time to make a cody manlifter
    [13:44]  Gilhooly Skute: urchins should all build one great kite that carries us all up
    [13:44]  Mosseveno Tenk: This is one of my favorite events
    [13:44]  Glacier Snowfield: oh now that sounds like a contest I’d like
    [13:44]  Queer Hermit: mmmm Japanese fighting kites
    [13:44]  Ariana Farstrider: OK great

  3. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 28, 2010

    [13:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: Fleet Week.
    [13:45]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: what is the prim limit?
    [13:45]  Beq Janus sits up
    [13:45]  Stargirl Macbain: Fleeeeet weeeek!
    [13:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: Steeltopia will be hosting Fleet Week this year, more on that as we get closer to it.
    [13:45]  Mosseveno Tenk: The dates right now are Nov. 13-21
    [13:45]  Beq Janus: cool
    [13:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: Steeltopia has expanded thier oceans over the past year, so it shouldbe excellent for steaming and sailing.
    [13:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: Snow
    [13:46]  Beq Janus: and subs?
    [13:46]  Ariana Farstrider: Oh nice!
    [13:46]  Rommie Serenity: What is fleet week?
    [13:46]  Kimika Ying: Hooray!
    [13:46]  Mosseveno Tenk: ah, i believe he has elevated seas, but not as deep as ours
    [13:47]  Beq Janus: I will traverse the void sea and take a look
    [13:47]  Mosseveno Tenk: I have a youtube page for new babbage, of all the videos I could find. There are almost FIFTY babbage machinima
    [13:47]  Mosseveno Tenk: and they are all good
    [13:47]  Mosseveno Tenk: excpect hte election ads…..
    [13:47]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: 40m depth at its lowest.
    [13:47]  Satu Moreau: Wow!
    [13:47]  Satu Moreau: Got a link?
    [13:47]  Mosseveno Tenk: and there is an excellent fleet week film that was made last year
    [13:48]  Ariana Farstrider: Wow
    [13:48]  Beq Janus: 40m is a good depth
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: Oh, Fleet Week will also be wrapping up on the same weekend as Steamlands Grand Tour weekend,
    [13:48]  Rommie Serenity: If present company will excuse me for awhile, I must do my morning exercises.
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: The November Ball will be part of the Grand Tour line up
    [13:48]  Mosseveno Tenk: righot
    [13:48]  Breezy Carver: smiles
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: aaand that’s all i got.
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: what you got?
    [13:49]  Victor1st Mornington: Trams….
    [13:49]  Stormy Stillwater: Ghetto?
    [13:49]  Stargirl Macbain checks the time, ‘ announcement can wait a few more minutes.”
    [13:49]  Breezy Carver: (( a sunburn ))
    [13:49]  Ariana Farstrider: lol
    [13:49]  Amadeus Hammerer: I heard, there’ll be a october-fest at the end of septembre…
    [13:49]  Mosseveno Tenk: Mr. CLeanslate is attempteing to tame the Acadmey trolley.
    [13:49]  Beq Janus wonders why Mr Tenk threw the random word ‘Snow’ in

    [13:50]  Breezy Carver raises hand
    [13:50]  Beq Janus: or did I nod off and miss a bit
    [13:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: until he does, i would suggest metal siding on your builds along Academy DOwns
    [13:50]  Victor1st Mornington: excellent….
    [13:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: Miss Carver?
    [13:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: then snow
    [13:50]  Breezy Carver smiles when i Fal staring :
    [13:50]  Fono Heninga: My exhibition will be coming to an end on the 31st – any requests for the next one? What should I take reference photos of?
    [13:50]  Mosseveno Tenk: fall textures?
    [13:50]  Breezy Carver: Fall *
    [13:50]  Breezy Carver: nods :)
    [13:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: ah, september, full colors in october
    [13:51]  Ariana Farstrider: I love Autumn
    [13:51]  Breezy Carver: thank you :)
    [13:51]  Beq Janus nods
    [13:51]  Stormy Stillwater: Will there be a men of New Babbage calander again this year?
    [13:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: Snow
    [13:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: it does snow here
    [13:51]  Beq Janus: autumn is the only truly steampunk season
    [13:51]  Stargirl Macbain tries to contain herself
    [13:51]  Ariana Farstrider: I volunteer Sev LOL
    [13:51]  Breezy Carver loos at Star
    [13:51]  Beq Janus: everything a nice rust
    [13:51]  Sevastian Sorrowsong chuckles
    [13:51]  Breezy Carver: I agree Miss Beq
    [13:51]  Mosseveno Tenk: that will happen the 4th weekend in november, which is a long holiday for the americans
    [13:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: Nov. 25-28
    [13:52]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: The men may participate in the Shirtless Against Breast Cancer calendar and book.
    [13:52]  Neko Imako: Oh, I wanted to inform you all that I am now open to do DJing and Live singing for events.
    [13:52]  Ariana Farstrider: Ooooo
    [13:52]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: (So may the women, dragons, rabbits and anybody else.)
    [13:52]  Mosseveno Tenk: That is always a very fun weekend while everyone is out turnign the entire city white.
    [13:52]  Ariana Farstrider: I still have to aubmit my photo.
    [13:52]  Ariana Farstrider: *Submit
    [13:52]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Bitte.
    [13:52]  Beq Janus: Entries in by Aug 31
    [13:52]  Blackberry Harvey: Ooh, me too
    [13:52]  Beq Janus: <– sent my first one last night
    [13:52]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Splendid.
    [13:52]  Ariana Farstrider: August 31? I better get n the ball
    [13:52]  Sheryl Skytower: I likes the snow scupltures. Except when they try to eat me.
    [13:53]  Mosseveno Tenk averts eyes
    [13:53]  Ariana Farstrider: Who do I send them to?
    [13:53]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander:
    [13:53]  Breezy Carver ne more thing pardon my cat lag i have t go sowly
    [13:53]  Ariana Farstrider: OK
    [13:53]  Gilhooly Skute: hate cat lag….
    [13:53]  Fono Heninga: you should waer a plough, Sheryl
    [13:53]  Beq Janus: 2048×2048
    [13:54]  Toshiro Tigerauge: get cat lag often
    [13:54]  Beq Janus: damn slow neko
    [13:54]  Neko Imako: HAY!
    [13:54]  Beq Janus: rofl
    [13:54]  Neko Imako: ^_^
    [13:54]  Mosseveno Tenk: 6 minutes left, anyone else? I don’t like taking you away form your work to come sit here,
    [13:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: that is why i hold office hours on thursday nights.
    [13:55]  Breezy Carver: the cog foutain Prize shall be raised if we get more then six entrees also the winning cog fountain will go on dispay at Piermont as the on thereis fom the first build contest andball two years ago :)
    [13:55]  Blackberry Harvey: Oh, is it? That’s a lovely fountain
    [13:55]  Stargirl Macbain: Can I use the academy for the build contest, Tenk?
    [13:55]  Satu Moreau: When is the deadline on the fountain contest?
    [13:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: IF you are not in Steampunks of New Babbage, do join. I send a notecard to the group every week with announcements, events, and rumors.
    [13:55]  Satu Moreau: And what size on the build?
    [13:55]  Mosseveno Tenk: yes miss MacB
    [13:55]  Ariana Farstrider: Ah cool

  4. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 28, 2010

    [13:56]  Stargirl Macbain: Great.
    [13:56]  Beq Janus: 30prim limit for the fountain
    [13:56]  Satu Moreau: Yeah, but size
    [13:56]  Satu Moreau: And deadline?
    [13:56]  Breezy Carver: Yes :)
    [13:56]  Satu Moreau: Like meters size
    [13:56]  Mosseveno Tenk: Size matters not. Prims matter.
    [13:56]  Beq Janus: needs to fit in piermont I guess
    [13:56]  Satu Moreau: Kk
    [13:56]  Breezy Carver: Sept 25th
    [13:56]  Mosseveno Tenk: UNless its big honking machines. then it has to fit on the skid
    [13:56]  Breezy Carver: Yes :)
    [13:56]  Satu Moreau: Thanks
    [13:56]  Ariana Farstrider: Whats the sid size?
    [13:56]  Ariana Farstrider: *Skid size
    [13:56]  Beq Janus: and leave enough room for Bats and the dance floor, the rest is up to you
    [13:56]  Tepic Harlequin: hmmm… wonder how small one could build a fountain….
    [13:56]  Mosseveno Tenk: Miss MacBain, are you holding a contest today?
    [13:56]  Ariana Farstrider: lol
    [13:56]  Satu Moreau: Lol
    [13:56]  Satu Moreau: Tepic
    [13:57]  Stargirl Macbain: Oh yeah…
    [13:57]  Stargirl Macbain: Ahem
    [13:57]  Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:57]  Breezy Carver: aww come vsit the landng :)
    [13:57]  Mosseveno Tenk: I like how Tepic thinks, He goes right outside the box and runs around it a few times for good measure
    [13:57]  Gilhooly Skute: build a fountain-in-a-bottle
    [13:57]  Stargirl Macbain: Starting, oh, in about three minutes: In Honor of the Procrastinating Engineer: The MOnument to procrastination build contest! Coffee will be provided, you have one hour and fifteen prims to show me just how well you procrastinate. In the academy, i’ll announce it in main chat when i’m there
    [13:58]  Breezy Carver: grinss
    [13:58]  Neko Imako: Fun!
    [13:58]  Blackberry Harvey: We have one hour to put off not building something?
    [13:58]  Ariana Farstrider: LMAO
    [13:58]  Stargirl Macbain: Technically you have 59 minutes, because it ends at one hour :P
    [13:58]  Stargirl Macbain grins.
    [13:58]  Blackberry Harvey: I’m already done
    [13:58]  Ariana Farstrider: LMAO
    [13:58]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: lol
    [13:58]  Mosseveno Tenk: and at the end of that contest, i will take a look at those, and the one that were already there, and buy one of them for L$2500 to add to the permanent city collection.
    [13:59]  Tepic Harlequin: i’ll do it later….
    [13:59]  Breezy Carver: YAY!
    [13:59]  Neko Imako: Cool!
    [13:59]  Stargirl Macbain: And i’m giving a small prize to my favorite procrastiantor with the best excuse.
    [13:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: 1 minute left
    [13:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: I have a fire sale.
    [13:59]  Stargirl Macbain: but I haven’t decided what, I’ve got time…..
    [13:59]  Serafina Puchkina wonders at the music choice here
    [13:59]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: I have the calendar submission information for anyone who wishes it.
    [13:59]  Blackberry Harvey: I hope to have the new hospital open by the end of September
    [13:59]  Stargirl Macbain: Firesale?
    [13:59]  Stormy Stillwater: My excuse.. I had a date!
    [13:59]  Ariana Farstrider: Gilly ate my blueprint
    [13:59]  Gilhooly Skute: urp
    [13:59]  Breezy Carver: indeeed Miss Sera !! grins

    [14:00]  Sheryl Skytower: *feels overdressed*
    [14:00]  Ariana Farstrider: Oh that would be great blackberry
    [14:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: Vernian Sea #9. The sea floor between the observatory and the marina. 468 prims. tube hookup. L$1000/wk. 20 days on the meter.
    [14:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: Onnnne linden.
    [14:00]  Serafina Puchkina wonders now how Tenk plans to end this meeting
    [14:00]  Stargirl Macbain: Ooo
    [14:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: meetting adjourned! Get back to work!
    [14:00]  Neko Imako: One last thing from me.
    [14:00]  Elilka Sieyes: Right!
    [14:00]  Avariel Falcon: Yay! work!
    [14:00]  Elleon Bergamasco glares
    [14:00]  Breezy Carver: iss he going t ah twir ???
    [14:00]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Heh.
    [14:00]  Neko Imako: In case you missed it, I am open to commissions for live singing and DJing now.
    [14:00]  Ariana Farstrider: LOL Woot
    [14:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: I’ll go set that land for sale…
    [14:00]  Gilhooly Skute: cor, I’ve got…. I’ve almost got one Linden…

  5. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 28, 2010

    [13:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: I am always in contact with the other steamland estate owners, and we all had a rough summer. babbage not as bad as some others.
    [13:08]  Mosseveno Tenk: right now occupancy is 92%,
    [13:08]  Stormy Stillwater: Not bad, not at all.
    [13:08]  Glacier Snowfield: hmm thats not too bad

    [13:09]  Blackberry Harvey applauds
    [13:09]  Victor1st Mornington: 92…as high as that….very nice
    [13:09]  Ariana Farstrider: mmhmm
    [13:09]  Stargirl Macbain: 92 is great.
    [13:09]  Avariel Falcon: Good show!
    [13:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: no, its not, its just taht we werew *used* to running around 99%
    [13:09]  Mosseveno Tenk: so don’t get all freaked out by the map. its just a tool.
    [13:09]  Glacier Snowfield: indeed
    [13:09]  Blackberry Harvey gets freaked out by tools anyway…
    [13:09]  Victor1st Mornington: and we need to remember theres more red now since Mr Tenk chopped up some of the parcels :)
    [13:09]  Stormy Stillwater Pets Blackberry

    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: This is a really eciting time of year, i think, when everyone comes back home to babbaage.
    [13:10]  Rommie Serenity pets stormy.
    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: for the new folks, fall is the high of the social season, ending around new years.
    [13:10]  Stormy Stillwater Makes… human… noises……
    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: things get quieter in spring when everyone realized they better put more time into htier classes. or something
    [13:10]  Mosseveno Tenk: heh

    [13:11]  Satu Moreau: What makes fall so busy for Babbage?
    [13:11]  Ariana Farstrider: Sprig fever *cough*
    [13:11]  Ariana Farstrider: *Spring
    [13:11]  Victor1st Mornington: northern hemisphere gets cold and everyone stays indoors…
    [13:11]  Blackberry Harvey: All online communities have the same thing… people go back to college and get full-time net access
    [13:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: The aether salon will be coming out of summer hiatus this month on the 19th
    [13:11]  Elilka Sieyes: Excellent.
    [13:11]  Glacier Snowfield: woot
    [13:11]  Rommie Serenity: Next month?
    [13:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: Miss Puchikina, cna you tell us about the salon this month? Or miss dagger?
    [13:11]  Mosseveno Tenk: I think i saw you here

    [13:12]  Serafina Puchkina: Loki Eliot will be our speaker
    [13:12]  Mosseveno Tenk applauds!
    [13:12]  Serafina Puchkina: Phantasmagoria! is the topic
    [13:12]  Elleon Bergamasco: ohhh fun!
    [13:12]  Serafina Puchkina: It should be very very good!
    [13:12]  Serafina Puchkina: Sept 19 at 2pm slt
    [13:12]  Rommie Serenity: Pardon me for putting the culture in yogurt, but the game?
    [13:13]  Mosseveno Tenk holds a hand ot Miss Serenity
    [13:13]  Mosseveno Tenk: I have a very hot rumor that Young Master ELiot will be scaring us again

    [13:14]  Stargirl Macbain: oooo
    [13:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: wtih a 4th installment of the New Babbage Chronicles.
    [13:14]  Ariana Farstrider: Oh?
    [13:14]  Serafina Puchkina applauds
    [13:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: So this Salon might be very intersesting for those that mgiht hope to get a preview
    [13:14]  Stormy Stillwater: Sounds exciting!
    [13:14]  Tepic Harlequin: hehehe Loki never lets anything slip!
    [13:14]  Mosseveno Tenk: Loki is planning his story for November, and there will be a hunt, liek there was iwth Shadow of teh 13 last year.
    [13:14]  Svengali Merlin: Sounds like I need to spend more time in town

  6. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 28, 2010

    And the backchatter:

    [13:00]  Glacier Snowfield: Twon meeting!
    [13:00]  Glacier Snowfield: err Town
    [13:01]  Stormy Stillwater: Town meettinnggg!
    [13:01]  Stormy Stillwater:
    [13:01]  Avariel Falcon: On my way!
    [13:05]  Satu Moreau: ^_^Such a lovely, lively community.
    [13:06]  Stargirl Macbain: Three Cheers for Cleanslate, Blackberry and Cyan for building our awsome new not-ning!
    [13:06]  Victor1st Mornington: XD
    [13:07]  Ceejay Writer crosses arms and harumps.  Won’t call itthat!
    [13:07]  Ceejay Writer: But cheers the work regardless!
    [13:07]  Stargirl Macbain: I’m secretly starting to call it The Pub
    [13:08]  Kimika Ying: I still like “Not-Ning”.
    [13:08]  Ceejay Writer: I call it the Kitchen Timesink.
    [13:08]  Verlia Bilavio: the BAR, the reader…
    [13:08]  Tink Ornamental is a member of the Knights who say Ning
    [13:08]  Grace Toussaint giggles.  Timesink is a good descriptor…
    [13:11]  Stargirl Macbain: Lets remember to keep our cross-chatter, flirts, snarks and weirdness to the group chat so tenk can keep the main chat free for business those of us in townhall :D
    [13:15]  Grace Toussaint: Any background on the three previous Chronicles of New Babbage?
    [13:16]  Stargirl Macbain: I think if you type “Shadow of the 13” into Google it’ll bring up the website, hango n, I might have a link for it still.
    [13:16]  Stargirl Macbain: Loki runs a very good story, it is worth being in town for that
    [13:16]  Bela Lubezki: Miss serenity has been  murdered?
    [13:17]  Stargirl Macbain:
    [13:17]  Grace Toussaint: Thanks Star!
    [13:17]  Stargirl Macbain: That site is out of date now, but you can see what was going on.
    [13:18]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: This sounds like something in which the Consulate should be involved – at least as one of the hosts.
    [13:19]  Stargirl Macbain: Gangplank could certainly host something.
    [13:20]  Avariel Falcon: The power station is available for events, roleplay and such as well, although next weekend we will have Redzone!
    [13:20]  Ceejay Writer: As is the CocoaJava and always has been. Notecard in the easel out front.
    [13:21]  Serafina Puchkina: and the library and the library
    [13:22]  Serafina Puchkina repeats herself
    [13:25]  Kaylee Frye: Is all the 13 stuff still out around town?
    [13:25]  Stargirl Macbain: NOpe.
    [13:25]  Stargirl Macbain: not that I’ve seen
    [13:26]  Kaylee Frye: I thought I spotted one of the clues still on the lighthouse but I wouldnt imagine most of it would be around still
    [13:26]  Mosseveno Tenk: i saw the urchin today
    [13:26]  Stargirl Macbain: I wonder if the urchin clue is still out there
    [13:26]  Stargirl Macbain: oh
    [13:26]  Kaylee Frye: Ha
    [13:26]  Stargirl Macbain: That was the best clue ever
    [13:26]  Kaylee Frye: Well the body and the first clue have to have been cleaned up by now
    [13:26]  Avariel Falcon is not impressed with the second law of robotics
    [13:27]  Everest Piek: ??
    [13:28]  Fono Heninga: BPRI?
    [13:28]  Victor1st Mornington: seems to be an awfull lot of paranormal groups appearing… *chuckles*
    [13:28]  Ariana Farstrider: Bureau of Paranormal Research and Investigation
    [13:28]  Ariana Farstrider: mmhmm
    [13:28]  Fono Heninga: Ah! Thank you :)
    [13:28]  Sevastian Sorrowsong grins
    [13:28]  Tink Ornamental: They have, at least two members I think
    [13:29]  Stargirl Macbain makes a mental note to pretend nothing is happening at all
    [13:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: will they start investigating each other?
    [13:29]  Ariana Farstrider: We are welcomed to more… but only once we talk topeople first.
    [13:29]  Mosseveno Tenk: *WE’RE* the only REAL paranormal investigators in this town, not those humbugs!
    [13:29]  Stargirl Macbain: HAH! ooooo
    [13:29]  Ceejay Writer snorts.
    [13:30]  Ariana Farstrider grins
    [13:30]  Stargirl Macbain: Tenk is brillo like a pillow!
    [13:30]  Kaylee Frye: There have always been a few paranormal research groups in town
    [13:30]  Tink Ornamental: I prefer some minor chat at least prior to ejection from groups I did not join without invitation
    [13:30]  Ariana Farstrider: I guess we’l see about hat eh? hehehe
    [13:30]  Ariana Farstrider: We didn’t invite you Tink.
    [13:30]  Kaylee Frye: Kind of a weird town to try and investigate the paranormal in.  The town where magic doesnt work right
    [13:30]  Verlia Bilavio: Right Kaylee.
    [13:30]  Stargirl Macbain: Still plenty o’ ghosts though
    [13:30]  Tink Ornamental: not sure who ‘we’ is, it was Ruby
    [13:30]  Kaylee Frye: Maybe thats why they never last very long
    [13:30]  Fono Heninga: Heh, could be

  7. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 28, 2010

    [13:31]  Mosseveno Tenk: the shoe! follow the shoe!
    [13:31]  Tink Ornamental: nods
    [13:31]  Verlia Bilavio: A paranormal shoe?
    [13:31]  Stargirl Macbain: Hey kaylee, I have a good question for you.
    [13:31]  Kaylee Frye: ?
    [13:31]  Stargirl Macbain: Your right leg is mechanical, and my right leg is mechanical
    [13:31]  Stargirl Macbain: What happens to all our right shoes?
    [13:31]  Elleon Bergamasco readies the rimshot
    [13:31]  Stargirl Macbain: I mean…we are wearing left shoes
    [13:31]  Kaylee Frye: Uhhhm
    [13:31]  Stargirl Macbain: but never the right ones
    [13:31]  Verlia Bilavio: Urchin donations?
    [13:31]  Kaylee Frye: Urchin charity?
    [13:32]  Ariana Farstrider: LOL
    [13:32]  Kaylee Frye: Haha I was too slow!
    [13:32]  Stargirl Macbain: The right-footed urchin charity?
    [13:32]  Sky Netizen gets the box for collections
    [13:32]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Dog toys?
    [13:32]  Sevastian Sorrowsong: to make shoe soup?
    [13:32]  Verlia Bilavio thinks someone needs to lose a left leg.
    [13:32]  Fono Heninga: Timelords’ wardrobes?
    [13:32]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: gnomes with two right feet?
    [13:32]  Kaylee Frye: If only youd lost the other leg Star!
    [13:32]  Kaylee Frye: Then we could buy one pair of shoes and each wear one
    [13:32]  Elleon Bergamasco makes a mental note to lose her left leg
    [13:32]  Avariel Falcon: Both my legs are mecanical, and I have no shoes.
    [13:32]  Kaylee Frye: haha
    [13:33]  Stargirl Macbain: hehe
    [13:33]  Stargirl Macbain: Oooo Elleon should lose her left leg, then she could have our right shoes!
    [13:33]  Victor1st Mornington: o.O
    [13:33]  Sky Netizen: Ah, but do you have the same size feet?
    [13:33]  Verlia Bilavio: It must make it easier when you’re fishing in your closet for the right shoes…er…shoe.
    [13:33]  Kristos Sonnerstein: lol
    [13:34]  Stargirl Macbain: hehe
    [13:35]  Kaylee Frye: Though I do cheat and build clockwork into my nice shoes so I can just attach them in place instead of the normal foot
    [13:35]  Kaylee Frye: So maybe thats what we do with em
    [13:35]  Stargirl Macbain: Hmm…
    [13:35]  Elilka Sieyes: With all these zombies there should be a lot of spare feet around.
    [13:35]  Mosseveno Tenk: Elleon and Victory, thats your cue
    [13:35]  Elilka Sieyes: Surely some of them will have shoes on them?
    [13:36]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: we have more occult investigators than wall street has brokers
    [13:36]  Tink Ornamental: Agreed
    [13:36]  Stargirl Macbain: and only two normal investigators :D
    [13:36]  Sky Netizen: Yeah, we’re just normal old gumshoes.
    [13:36]  Verlia Bilavio: …normal?
    [13:37]  Sky Netizen: Sure.
    [13:37]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: *scowls*
    [13:37]  Fono Heninga: Baabage!normal :B
    [13:37]  Sky Netizen: Ok, good ones!
    [13:37]  Sky Netizen runs away
    [13:37]  Elilka Sieyes: Far easier to be paid for ‘solving’ a paranormal mystery, I fear. ;)
    [13:38]  Tink Ornamental: I never heard more about the Pip thing. So it’s true he’s like stone cold?
    [13:38]  Kaylee Frye: well most corpses are arent they?
    [13:38]  Sky Netizen: Last time I checked.
    [13:39]  Tink Ornamental: if he in fact was a corpse, I did not see it
    [13:39]  Kaylee Frye: He was and is
    [13:39]  Tink Ornamental: nods
    [13:39]  Stargirl Macbain: he’s dead, jim!
    [13:39]  Stargirl Macbain: DEAD
    [13:39]  Verlia Bilavio: Star, you seem happy…
    [13:39]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Revivification can be very difficult if you expect an intact mind and brain.
    [13:39]  Stargirl Macbain tries to keep a straight face, “No, i’m terribly sad Pip is dead……” starts to snigger
    [13:40]  Kaylee Frye: boooooo hooooooooo
    [13:40]  Tink Ornamental: ja, richtig
    [13:40]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: It isn’t like he was popular
    [13:40]  Stargirl Macbain: Kaylee is real beat-up about it too, ain’t ya kaylee?
    [13:40]  Sky Netizen: Seems he sure is now…
    [13:40]  Kaylee Frye: Pffff the only time anything comes back to life in babbage is as a zombie
    [13:40]  Stargirl Macbain coughs
    [13:40]  Stargirl Macbain: yep
    [13:41]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: go ask Grendel
    [13:41]  Kaylee Frye: awwww groupchat lag again
    [13:41]  Verlia Bilavio: You two need a mourning pie.
    [13:41]  Kaylee Frye: and a zombie pip would hardly be scary
    [13:41]  Tesla Tripsa: do you need to find Star and stand on her head again?
    [13:41]  Sky Netizen: He’d look the same, maybe better?
    [13:41]  Kaylee Frye: Haha
    [13:41]  Stargirl Macbain: we make the pies now, lia.
    [13:42]  Satu Moreau: Hardly?! He could gnaw your shins off!
    [13:42]  Stargirl Macbain: hahaha sky
    [13:42]  Kaylee Frye: I make the ones that arent burnt
    [13:42]  Verlia Bilavio: So…that doesn’t mean I can’t bring one over.
    [13:42]  Kaylee Frye: Star makes teh charred ones
    [13:42]  Satu Moreau: That’s a pretty slow death by zombie
    [13:42]  Verlia Bilavio snickers.
    [13:42]  Sky Netizen: The pies are good, had one this morning.
    [13:42]  Tink Ornamental: Worst piiiiies in London…..
    [13:42]  Elilka Sieyes: I’m not sure if I’m banned from being a zombie again… ;)*looks to left*
    [13:42]  Stargirl Macbain: THey aren’t charred! They are just well done!
    [13:42]  Elilka Sieyes: Those are pies???
    [13:43]  Stargirl Macbain narrows her eyes.
    [13:43]  Sky Netizen: If you rip the blackened top crust off…yes.
    [13:43]  Stargirl Macbain: THEY ARE NOT BURNT!
    [13:43]  Kimika Ying: yum
    [13:43]  Stargirl Macbain: they are well done, darn it!
    [13:43]  Tink Ornamental: I rather like the crust
    [13:43]  Elilka Sieyes: Ohh, yes…ah, I see.
    [13:43]  Kaylee Frye: She’ll learn eventually
    [13:43]  Sky Netizen: Maybe
    [13:43]  Kaylee Frye: Or we’ll find a recipe that requires it to be burnt
    [13:43]  Stargirl Macbain grumbles and mimics kaylee’s voice, “Star makes the burnt ones.”
    [13:43]  Kaylee Frye: And Star can make those
    [13:43]  Elilka Sieyes: Um, perfectly done, Miss Macbain  *quietly feeds to the wiggyfish*
    [13:43]  Tink Ornamental: army said burnt food is safe to eat
    [13:43]  Stargirl Macbain whiiiiines….
    [13:43]  Verlia Bilavio: So I shouldn’t start crossing my fingers yet?
    [13:44]  Kaylee Frye: haha Macbain Wiggyfish Bait
    [13:44]  Sky Netizen: Hey, it’s better than other food in town.
    [13:44]  Stargirl Macbain: Heeeey…they aren’t that bad!
    [13:44]  Verlia Bilavio: Actually, it’s better than some of the pies in town.
    [13:44]  Fono Heninga: *sudden rash of wiggyfish pinned to the sea floor*
    [13:44]  Tink Ornamental: Sky’s Pies….
    [13:44]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: I do need someone to help me fish for Wiggyfish
    [13:44]  Sky Netizen tosses Jed her gun and flees
    [13:45]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: “Here, stand by the canal and look tasty”
    [13:45]  Sky Netizen: Nah-uh.
    [13:45]  Verlia Bilavio: Someone should tell Jed she needs a bigger gun.
    [13:45]  Breezy Carver: smiles  :)
    [13:45]  Elilka Sieyes: Come now, Miss Dagger. I’ve fallen into the canals countless times, and never once been eaten alive.
    [13:45]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: That’s one I never hear
    [13:46]  Stargirl Macbain stares at the dates for fleetweek
    [13:46]  Tink Ornamental: oh bloody hell I forgot about that monument thing
    [13:46]  Stargirl Macbain: HE MENTIONED SNOW!
    [13:46]  Serafina Puchkina: oh please, give Jed an excuse to buy yet another gun. Please, everyone.
    [13:46]  Elilka Sieyes: * * * *
    [13:46]  Stargirl Macbain does a dance, “Say it’s going to snow soon, say it’s going to snow soon…”
    [13:46]  Verlia Bilavio: YES
    [13:46]  Elilka Sieyes: *   * *
    [13:46]  Kaylee Frye: snooooow?
    [13:46]  Stargirl Macbain: nooo he went back to talking about fleetweek!
    [13:47]  Sky Netizen thinks we need a weatherperson
    [13:47]  Stargirl Macbain: SNOW!  SNOW!   SNOW!
    [13:47]  Ariana Farstrider: LOL!
    [13:47]  Kaylee Frye: The 5 day forecast: smoggy
    [13:47]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Snow?  It’s freakin’ AUGUST!
    [13:47]  Tink Ornamental: a weather and lawe enforcement person
    [13:47]  Stargirl Macbain: Don’t. Care.
    [13:47]  Elilka Sieyes: Snow, snow … brown snow…black snow…
    [13:47]  Stargirl Macbain: want. snow.
    [13:47]  Verlia Bilavio: lol Kaylee.
    [13:48]  Tink Ornamental: snow in Babbage is solidified smog?
    [13:48]  Elilka Sieyes: grey snow…sometimes green snow
    [13:48]  Kaylee Frye tries to invent a machine to move babbage north
    [13:48]  Stargirl Macbain: haha kaylee
    [13:48]  Serafina Puchkina: SL snow is all I can take. Bring it on
    [13:48]  Stargirl Macbain: Babbage IS north!
    [13:48]  Stargirl Macbain: snow now!
    [13:48]  Tesla Tripsa: I think Babbage should have winter during the summer, when people actually WANT to see snow
    [13:48]  Kaylee Frye: NorthER
    [13:48]  Stargirl Macbain: NOrth-pole north?
    [13:48]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: This is not Victoriana.
    [13:48]  Tink Ornamental: Is it colder in the mountains or in the winter?
    [13:48]  Verlia Bilavio: don’t we need to wait until at least the beginning of October for snow?
    [13:48]  Stargirl Macbain: NOOOOOO
    [13:48]  Kaylee Frye: But I dont waaannnaaa
    [13:49]  Stargirl Macbain: Waaaaaaaaaannnaaaa get it nowwwwwwww.
    [13:49]  Kaylee Frye: If we keep complaining hes gonna make it snow late
    [13:49]  Bela Lubezki needs 3 months to set up the mega prim transparent snow stuff and 3 more months tofind and remove it again. she will heat her roof
    [13:49]  Stargirl Macbain: awww,  snow must have been a typo
    [13:49]  Stargirl Macbain: this is what I get for staying up so late lastnight
    [13:50]  Kimika Ying: wraps up and sends a box of last Winter’s snow to Star.
    [13:50]  Verlia Bilavio: he said it again.
    [13:50]  Stargirl Macbain: oh wait…he said it again
    [13:50]  Stargirl Macbain hops from foot to foot
    [13:50]  Sky Netizen: Like it will snow then?
    [13:51]  Sky Netizen: “Then snow”
    [13:51]  Verlia Bilavio laughs
    [13:51]  Verlia Bilavio: He’s just pulling Star’s leg.
    [13:51]  Kaylee Frye: Which one? hehe
    [13:51]  Sky Netizen: Her mechanical one.
    [13:51]  Stargirl Macbain: NOW NOW NOW NOW
    [13:51]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: *places the order for snowtires, and waits by the train station*
    [13:51]  Stargirl Macbain: AWWWW
    [13:51]  Verlia Bilavio: yeah that one.
    [13:51]  Stargirl Macbain: NOVEMBER!
    [13:51]  Verlia Bilavio: the mechanical one.
    [13:51]  Stargirl Macbain: LLAAAAAAMMEEEE
    [13:52]  Stargirl Macbain: Kaylee, time to institute Plan B.
    [13:52]  Sky Netizen puts some patience in Star’s pies
    [13:52]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: shiny fabric?
    [13:52]  Stargirl Macbain: Get me the reality enforcer.
    [13:52]  Kaylee Frye: But that wont woooork
    [13:52]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: wait, that’s Lame`
    [13:52]  Verlia Bilavio: The gangplank needs an engineer to have a snow machine malfunction?
    [13:52]  Ruby Glasswing: uh oh dont say Lame or else some babbager on here will be offended (happenbed to me last time)
    [13:53]  Kaylee Frye: huh??
    [13:53]  Stargirl Macbain: Despirate times call for lame and stupid measures
    [13:53]  Ruby Glasswing: AMEN TO THAT SISTER.
    [13:53]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: Context Ruby.
    [13:53]  Ruby Glasswing: hahaha i just said “lame” and they flipped a switch.
    [13:53]  Sky Netizen chases the OOC goat to the other end of the room
    [13:53]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: not quite
    [13:54]  Stargirl Macbain: Heeeyyy whose screewing with my OOC goat?!
    [13:54]  Sky Netizen: It wanted to come!
    [13:54]  Kaylee Frye: Probably the ones who didnt get their mail
    [13:54]  Stargirl Macbain: HAHA
    [13:54]  Fono Heninga: DXD
    [13:56]  KlausWulfenbach Outlander: Who might want the Shirtless Against Breast Cancer information for photograph submission?
    [14:00]  Verlia Bilavio: I need to spend 15 minutes searching for my cocoa.
    [14:00]  Sky Netizen: And then 20 finding the right dress, correct?
    [14:00]  Kaylee Frye: So babbage can be left out again this year woo
    [14:00]  Verlia Bilavio: I might need more time than that to find the right dress though
    [14:00]  Kaylee Frye: chatlaaaaaaaag
    [14:01]  Verlia Bilavio: Oh yeah
    [14:01]  Ceejay Writer: Kaylee…. I think you and Frau Lowey should have a heart to heart.
    [14:02]  Mosseveno Tenk: wasn’t kidding about the fire sale. SOmoen had to leave the grid today, she’s left 20 days on the meter.
    [14:02]  Kimika Ying: turns on the music streams and laughs madly  :)
    [14:02]  Verlia Bilavio: oh no… only 58 minutes.
    [14:02]  Kaylee Frye: fire sale?
    [14:02]  Stargirl Macbain: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!
    [14:02]  Beq Janus: who left?
    [14:02]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: buh?
    [14:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: Nyx Arcana, the old submersible dock
    [14:03]  Stargirl Macbain: Ahem, Starting NOW in the Academy, A contest to celeberate procrastination! You have one hour to build a monument to honor your ability to put everything off until the last minute! Join me now! 25 prims, coffee provided!
    [14:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: 20 days. free tier.
    [14:04]  Kaylee Frye: who where
    [14:04]  Mosseveno Tenk: if you get there first.
    [14:04]  Jonathon Spires: huh?
    [14:05]  Mosseveno Tenk hums the ‘so you think you know maine?; song

  8. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 29, 2010

    sorry I missed it, sounds like some interesting plans coming up

    if any zombies are needed for zombie day, I still have some locked up in the lab (and possibly a wandering undead urchin)

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