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Torn Asunder…((Event Blog.))

I made my walk towards uncle Michael’s Pub a quick one, passing places new and familiar to my senses, which seemed to be blurring a little bit. I didn’t worry, the doctor told me this would be a normal side affect…but after tonight I doubt much of life will seem “normal” even to New Babbage’s standard…

Though I doubt anyone knew what normal was…

The pub…clearly in my site and busy as the music of old Irish hills blared about the Tavern with glee…my mood not so…lucky to follow. However, I slapped the masks on and walked in greeting everyone and waving with my right hand.

“Hello Bianca!” my uncle drunkingly said stammering over to scoop me up into a hug as I prayed he kept his grounds. “Hello hello everyone!” I laughed as freely as I could before being resituated on the ground and darted between dancing folks and drinking tartans.

“Care for a drink?” uncle asked, and before he could say another thing I had him pouring something that would knock an elephant on it’s hindparts.

Half-heartedly hearing conversations…my mind raced between people, scanning faces, and suprised at the turnout…but who came just for me? Who came to be nosey? …Who came to watch?

That wasn’t something I could determine at this moment and as time eventually left my Uncle’s stamina in the dust, he puddled off to bed…then it began.

Suprised to see the corpse of a man watlk through my door, yet delighted…Mr. Underby came, dressed like the grim reaper he was meant to be…but too retired to do so. By that time, the people that had arrived where the listings;

Naveen Bovarro: A kind soul, perhaps too kind for her own good. Probably get herself killed one day…though not by my hands…
Maggie Lynwood:…an interesting little thing that she was…attached to Mr. Fearsum at the hip…wonderul.
Zane Hansome: Rather plain fellow, but kind enough to be excused. Bumbling a bit, he was attatched to a Fria Feliccia…adorable.
Geoffry…Geoffry…why couldn’t I recall his last name? Nevermind it…and a few gawkers I  lined the wall, watching the drunking ways of the Pub, and the party that soon would mark the beginning of an even greater festivities.

Mr. Underby took his seat and pierced the counter with his eyes before I chirped up. “Drink Mr. Underby?” he nodded and stated yes but my mind quickly turned elsewhere as Rusty walked through the door. Maggie squealed like a stuck pig upon seeing the man and inside I felt a since of disgust…but not sure on what grounds.

Anyrate, I went to make Mr. Underby’s order, listening intently to the chatter as Naveen sneered rather boldly telling Rusty where to go…and how to get there. I can just imagine Rusty blowing her off as he did everything in this town. It wasn’t until I heard Maggie shriek, “Ello Mr. and Mrs. Melnik!!” that I knew the situation was getting on the verge of dangerous…I knew something was up when those two where able to breath apart from each other long enough to enjoy the masses…

Fortunately, Jed wasn’t with them…she’s the only woman with enough balls in this town to react dangerously to what was about to happen.

…I set the drink down in front of Mr. Underby and he kindly thanked me though my focus was on Rusty who had been exchanging words with me previously throughout the night as the patrons partied.

“Get away from me…” I growled as Rusty thumbed his nose and smirked daringly. I took my stance prepared for his attack upon my skirts again. “Why shoul’ I darlin’?” he said snapping up the black fabric into his dirty mitts. Naveen was right at my rescue as she seemed to jump at my defense and shot, “Rusty! Leave her skirt alone!!!”

I felt my heart race as Rusty and I played tug a war for a moment people shouting, some laughing, others simply enjoying their free drinks…all of them showing me sides of them, letting me remember them…observe them…

Hate them.

Rusty snatched me from my thoughts as the skirt ripped from my body and a laugh tore through the air. Rusty’s laugh.

As embarassed as I could act, I hid behind the counter curled into a ball as people reacted. Maggie was chittering like a squirrl at my so called embarassment, Naveen demanded retrobution, Underby welcomed Rusty to his establishment with open arms, and I searched for a knife…one that would be sharp enough to tear flesh…

Minutes felt like seconds as I demanded Rusty to leave angrily. Rusty rocked a bit before saluting me and turned as if preparing for a fight between us.

I let the knife fly as Rusty ducked and Scottie almost recieved too close a shave…or was it not close enough for my tastes?


Scottie, as empty as ever looked to the knife before remarking, though the thoughts and resounding heartbeats that flooded my body caused me to pick up a peeling knife and dart after Rusty out the door, into the night and down an alley way.

….Ever wonder what would posses someone to blind rage?

……No. Me either…

Rusty snickered as he pulled me close to give me a lick on my cheek. “Quiet the scene we caused there!” I began to shred my left arms sleeve with the knife trying to move as horridly as I could. My arm felt dead…but I could still feel the slight movements of materials and the warmth of Rusty’s tongue as he licked up it slowly.

“Hurry…” I whispered in tainted anticipation, the darkness sparing me from what I was about to go through.

“You know darlin’ I gotta give it to ‘e for takin’ this…” I thought I saw a look of concern on Rusty’s face for a moment…though I’m sure the darkness can play tricks on the eyes of a mere human girl…

He tore into my arm…and I felt the sinew, flesh, and bone crack slightly before slurped off and into his mouth leaving the peeking hole between my radius and ulna was felt. 

The doctor lied…

Nothing numb…

I felt it all….

The pain…the horrid pain of my flesh…my arm….my arm was….”GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I shrieked through a daze of confusion, anger and deep teeth clenching pain….

I sweated horribly Rusty going to reach for me before I shook him off and back into a wall. Slumping quckly, I took the knife to damage the rest of my arm up to the elbow, cringing and cursing as I felt the stabbing, slightly dulled bladed cut, pierce and dismember. This had to be done…there was no going back now…

“Get out of here Rusty…” I growled throwing the knife into the alley somewhere farther back and sat against the wall. Rusty growled a bit but upon hearing the growed gathering he was gone quckly. There was no going back…

“I think she’s down here!”


“I can’t see anything! It’s dark!”


“Ms. Namori?!”


“Oh my God…she’s on the ground…”


“Don’t touch me….”


“Her’s bleeding…I accidently touched it…”


“Let’s get her out of here….”

then all begun to grow muddled…and black…like the very essence of my heart.

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  1. Naveen Bovarro Naveen Bovarro October 27, 2010

    ((Wow, you get crazier and crazier!))

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 27, 2010

      ((It’s a mad mad world between my ears…))

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