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time to step back

later I was sitting at my desk going over the books,the winter slow down in shipping showing glaringly in the numbers column, when Omig knocked on the door,”is it all done?”

Omig nodded “yes mam, everyones been told to back off the Militia,so your really backing down then?”

I shrugged “I don’t have much of a choice at the moment, those fools Eliot and Olivia have seen to that”

omig sat down in the chair Qismah had occupied just that morning,  picked up her book and opened it upside down”now I’ve never been much of one to read, but this makes no sense to me at all”

 I glanced over at him” thats because it’s in Arabic”

 “that explains it then “he said as he tossed it over his shoulder “so what do we do now? the Militias all but hamstrung us, I cant even walk down the street without a tail, I don’t know why you don’t just have the Captain killed?”

I poured my self a brandy”oh don’t I wish I could, but Hienrichs would not die easily,and every person in this city would know I did it,so ironically shes more useful to me alive”

Omig snickered” aye isn’t that a laugh,but it means we still have the Militia on our back,”

I finished my brandy and poured another”well with us leaving the Militia alone it can be said that eliot was working by himself, and eventually the militia will have other things to worry about”

“and what would that be mam”Omig replied as he reached for a glass and the brandy”it’s not like the local Villains are more than a bit of a humorous distraction”

staring through my glass I smiled “civil unrest Omig, Olivia actually had the right idea just the wrong goal’

Omig barked a laugh” so getting me out of jail was a bad goal?”

I grinned back at him “that could be argued, but I mean her idea of a peaceful protest,if her little demonstration had left your incarceration out ,and was held in front of city hall and had been much more violent, the militia would have its hands full”

the wolf set down his glass “so you want us to do a bit of rabble rousing then?”

“certainly not” I replied ” I want no employee of this company involved in any protest , or riot, Olivia has already started the ball rolling, once people start to think that they have a voice, the morally indignant can spout they’re rhetoric, and the criminals have an excuse to rob, burn and loot ,in either case the Militia have more to keep them busy than watching us , and we don’t have to do anything but sit back and laugh”

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