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Tick tick…Boom.

The pendulum swung before my eyes back and forth as I tried to focus my thoughts on other things…Work, business, the business of work…that was ALL that would come to me. Surely, the life of a 19-year old heiress would be much more glamorous…than…working.


Hmph…oh well…and when I rounded the desk to plop into my chair I was greeted by the usual messanger boy who often “fetched” me when my precenses was needed on important matters…or what some idiot thought was important.

” ‘Oy Ms. Bianca…Rusty wishes to see ya he does…”

Little thing…how adorable it was that stood before more. Covered in grout, sludge, and the mercilessly adventurous life of a New Babbage Urchin. I smiled warmly and beckoned the child closer, pulling a few coins from the vault I keep in my desk and slipped them to him.

“Get yourself something to eat…and get out of my face…” I said winking as Urchins where the few that graced my face with a smile. The boy nodded bit the coins and upon delight of finding their geniune nature, he took off.

I adorned my coat…the night rather foggy, more than normal and headed towards our usual spot behind Sweetwater Row. Relieved the usual lurkers weren’t about, I stepped into the alley way, shadows at my heels and walked a few steps as the creature wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into him…

After the usual butchered complaints, he so kindly filled me in on a few people that I might need to take notice to rather quickly.

Our list was being quiet clear…and the funds where embedding themselves as neccessary to insure our little game wouldn’t end anytime soon…

I love this game…the best game ever…especially when it’s life that hangs in the balance.

“Well…what about Maggie?” I finally asked him, but before he could answer our conversation was quickly interrupted by a fat finger that came to my lips. I could hear Rusty growl slightly as he took a step from me and made his way out of the alley…


The crunch of porcelain hitting the pavement and breaking made me smile…

The words of a would be helper, Strider I think is what she wished to be called… made the smile larger…

Yet as I retreated holding the little clockwork mishaps key in my clutches, I adored wathing Rusty hang little miss molly-do-good up by her knickers on the lamp post and walk away.

The cackle of that madman monster made me to realize something so dangerous…so vile…that perhaps would make the Devil cringe…just a titch. New Babbage does have a weakness….

Yet, as Ghede helping me finalize the plans regarding the ‘fait’ prior this ordeal rung loudly in my mind…all I could whisper as I walked into the night was a lustly, “Tick…Tick…Boom…”

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