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Three parties in two days…

I was never much of a party-goer where I came from, but since my typist is the social type, she took me to three parties. The first over at Mister Mornington’s, the second in Steelhead and the Beltane dance last night. I must admit, I feel freer in Babbage when I am at a party… and that may also have something to do with my typist… it’s a bit vexing to me honest, but I suppose that’s just something I have to live with.

Unfortunately, my typist did not get any real pictures of the Hat Party… I suppose Pippy did, at the very least. (I have a sneaking suspicion that Miss Bookworm Heinrichs did…) I wore the gown Mrs Pearse gave to me and I felt good. I danced, and for once I felt… I felt nice. I felt like I had good friends and the music, though odd sounding, was very danceable.

My typist did, however, manage to get pictures of the party at Steelhead.  I will show a few here, as a courtesy to those who couldn’t make it. It too, was wonderful fun. And I even had a dancing partner! I had never danced with a woman before. That was fairly interesting and she was a very good partner.

And for the Beltane party last night… I was a bit shy at first, but after I gave up what I can only assume was pretention, I started dancing and I had fun before I felt so flush that I had to leave… something was heating me up and I was afraid that I might faint… so I left, thanking everyone that put the party together. I felt like a heel for leaving so early, but it was all I could do without making an even bigger fool of myself. Unfortunately, because of that, I did not get to stay for the second party, later on in the evening.

All in all, I must say… Even though I miss home, Babbage is starting to grow on me… My past may be dimming, but I’ll never forget it. My future may be bright, but I don’t want to dim it either. What’s behind me is behind me now, and what’s in front of me may be the best that’s yet to come. I feel so… accomplished, especially for figuring out what every adult figures out when they’re grown…

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