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Therapy part X – May 30th Part 4 of 4: What is now, continues.

Glancing at the tired doctor in her rocking chair he paused for a few moments.  Her eyes were starting to droop slightly despite her obvious interest, “I’ll tell you about that next time Dr, but there won’t be much to it.”  Arnold said as he finished his tale.  He had left out what he supposed should to be safe.

It appeared she was too tired to argue about where he had left off, though she did appear annoyed.  She wrote down a few notes and then sat back in her chair rocking back and forth, “So we weren’t in Babbage when it happened?”

“I am not sure about that,” Arnold replied with a shrug. “We could have easily gone back later, I know that Tepic must have since he was in the Writers story, so perhaps we did as well.  I do know you had intended to stay away from Babbage until your natural color came back…and that didn’t happen till sometime in January.”  Arnold paused and then added, “But I think that Dr. Solsen’s ship would have still docked at Babbage that day.”

“Father would have died?!”

Arnold grimaced, as much for her getting upset in her condition as her chosen name for the man, “I didn’t say that!  All the ships in port could have turned around when things got bad!”  Arnold cursed the fact he’d mentioned it, but she surprised him when the doctor took a few deep breaths and began to fan herself with her own notes.  

“We shall talk about that later,”  She said, the effort to remain professional obvious. “For now there’s something I’ve never understood…you told me months ago that the aether might have been trying to make people turn on the mayor…why?  Weren’t they planning to destroy Babbage?”

Arnold shrugged, “The office of mayor held nothing that Moriarty or that thing needed.  They might have only wanted to allow their work to run unimpeded by the militia or bureaucracy… ” Arnold paused and then added, “Or maybe they just wanted to feed on more fear and hopelessness if Moriarty took over.”  Taking a look at the time once again he turned to her and gestured to the back of the airship.  “We’ll do this again next week…Tuesday.  I’ve got something I want to do next Wednesday if that’s all right.”

Dr. Maddox smiled softly, “I’m sure you do.  Have a good time, and before next week I want you to have at least spoken with Mr. Harvey.”  Despite the addendum, Arnold smiled as much as his muzzle allowed.  Everyone would be rather surprised to find out what he had really been doing with Njal all this time.

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