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The Threat…((Diary:Comments welcomed))

Disclaimer: Now the reason why I put the whole “Diary/Private” comments in the title is so that people will understand that simply because you read my diary here, does not mean your character knows anything in the “world”. Granted, you may figure somethings out here, but as afor mentioned, it’s all typist knowledge. So do play fair, please? You’ll enjoy it more if you do. TRUST me.



Shaking off the two nights past only made me turn to my merlot a bit heavier than normally. It was moments like this I prayed work would take me out of town again, but alas….things where calm, collected, and money was rolling in.


Here I was still hiding in my office before I looked to the invitation of dear Strider and Sevastian’s grand opening of their tea house. I knew it was a great place to relax, let my hair down, and well…socialize. The thing I seem to be best at.

I put on my best…or was it a vest? No no no it was a dress!

 At anyrate, I was off quickly as I could ever be and soon I was outside the very busy tea house. Once entered, the decora was shocking and took me by suprise! IT was lovely, simply lovely and I of course had to congratulate the couple with a healthy bill…or two.

Walking in there was a good mix of people, from the lovely Ms. Anatra to my darling Uncle Michael who was dancing away in a white suite…that suprisingly wasn’t oil stained.

The hellos came and went quickly as dancing insued but caught up in the moment, I didn’t notice who was in the corner eyeing me.

“Ey’ darlin’!” His ratty voice had the nerve to direct itself towards me and though my nerves quickly failed me, my facade didn’t and I commenced to ignore the man. Suprisingly enough, Scottie walked through the door short after.

A ha! My chance! But then…I thought better of it knowing his date wouldn’t be far behind him.

She wasn’t there…perhaps this was fate giving me the chance to tell him about my woe.

‘Keep…composure….’ I continued to think.

He greeted everyone with good cheer and when our eyes met I took the chance to beckon him over. “Care to dance Mr. Melnik?” I said playfully and the word the man used far to often was the reply I was glad to hear. “Sure!” and with that he walked over and began to dance with me.

I wanted to blab everything I heard right then and there, but looking over Mr. Melnik’s shoulder, and seeing Rusty eye me dangerously, I thought better of it.

The conversation took another turn anyway…discussing our “history” together made my stomach churn, but I offered him the best lie I could. I mean, I’m an heiress now, and with money being no object, men shouldn’t be either.

Thank creator he couldn’t read me as well anymore for he seemingly seemed fine with our discussion, but my heart still cried for his ears.

The party ended, and the after party began I went to ask him if he’d walk me home. Being the “gent” that he was, he had no problem doing so but when I went to take my step and noticed Rusty go to do the same, I thought the better of it, and figured I’d just thank him and try to make it home myself…

What a horrid mistake…and honestly…I was suprised to make it home at all when the creature of the night hunted me down like an animal…and the threat upon my life…was far from one  I wish to repeat.


-she closes her entry shuddering a bit and takes a sip of Merlot-

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