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The strange encounter

Snow groaned as he wanted to roll over, having been bedridden due to his injuries for some time now.  He sorta remembered the surgery, but now that his boy was stabilized he at least did not feel pain as he used to. He was still healing, but was getting stronger everyday.  Faster than the doctor or the others thought he would.

He was enjoying his daily visits from his friends and even strangers who he was getting to know. One of which gave him a gift, a strange necklace they made out of a green stone, they left a letter about it but not being able to read he never knew what it said. But at night, when no one was around, the nightmares continued constantly switching between the nightmares of the clank and another one that was whispered into his ears of who shot him which every day he believed more and more.

It was early morning as he squirmed about before his nose picked something up and ears heard something.  He weakly opened, as his vision cleared he jumped in his bed with a yelp, tension from the stinging of his wound as he saw someone… something entering his room lead by someone.  His eyes going wide as he scrambled to scoot as far back on his bed as he could. Whimpering some as the thing (the person?) groaned, seeming to have trouble talking.

Snow saw the someone, a nurse, running out of the room to go get help and leaving him with the…thing.  Snow looked the person over who finally managed to speak, asking where the pain killer was.  He was quick to tell him in the cabinet by his bed.  Snow was freaked he was a bit out of it himself still, under the influence of painkillers.

He asked what happened, trying to get some clue, when the person barely managed to explain that he was enhanced by a great lady, or something to that effect.  It was still a bit hard for Snow to focus.  The stranger moved closer, causing Snow to panic, as he fell out of his bed with a yelp, holding to his side as he whined out and moves away towards the screen, watching as the stranger took the painkillers.  He was too scared to do much more, his bandages stained red as the wounds reopened, he was still not recovered fully, something still kept him from healing like those of his species normally would.

He whimpered as the stranger left and the nurses and the doctor came running in finding the freaked out boy and getting him back onto the bed and getting his wounds stitched back up. But Snow was going though more, everything was getting to him again, the nightmares, he never knew what a happy dream had been like as long as he could remember, inside his head he could hear a laugh and simple words once more -a killer runs through your blood…or… is it someone who’s strong- he shudders hearing the voice as he snaps to it is later in the day he seemed to have blacked out again what happened… no one was hurt it seemed why did he blackout like this he was not endangered, the moon was not full something else….no… the wolf was not that strong was it,  or could these years of fighting the wolf… could the wolf be getting stronger then he was.

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