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The Sneaky Vole Responds to Sucrrelous Rumours!

Early one morning a letter is nailed to the door of City Hall…..


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  1. Cleetus O'Reatus Cleetus O'Reatus June 26, 2015

    Listen, I just want to say if you’re in need of moose urine I can get you some; good quality and fair prices, no lie.

  2. Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx June 27, 2015

    Hey. Kid. Leave the false advertisin’ to the adults, would ya? Nobody’s gonna buy that Tibetian customer story.

    – Edward Hyde

    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin June 27, 2015

      Errrr… dun’t think i was sellin it, though probably best if yer think no one would buy it anyhow, didn’t have the zing as most storys have, i guess…. He were off one of the boats as brings stuff in for Mr Satu, an ter be honest, i ain’t sure what he actually said, it were like this…

      त्यो हामी घर मा छन् सामान भन्दा धेरै राम्रो राम्रो सामान, ! which sounds like Tyō hāmī ghara mā chan sāmāna bhandā dhērai rāmrō rāmrō sāmāna, cha!

      But he had a smile on his face an kept drinkin it till he fell off the stool, an he slept real good!


      • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery June 27, 2015

        Consultation with the translators at Goggles and Quack resulted in this English rendition: That we are in the house stuff so much better than the good stuff, isI believe that was a compliment.

        The sample of Vole Juice I tried some months ago afforded me a view of the world from a spinning horizontal position; rather enlightening.

        Whether this goes any way to countering slanders I cannot say, but I can at least praise the friendly service and enthusiasm I encountered at the Sneaky Vole.

        Good luck to you, young entrepreneur.

        Sent via portal mechanism and therefore subject to static

  3. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh June 27, 2015

    Oy can vouch faw th’ foine qwality of th’ drinks at th’ Vole.  Ya knows wit’ moy reputation such a ender sment is loike th’ top level an’ awl.  Oy dun go faw the milk stuff but th’ brew is verry noice an’ foine also.

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