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The Simple Life

Looking out of my window, I can feel the weight disappearing. I’m not quite sure if this is what life had originally intended for me, but as Rusty put his hand on my shoulder, I was glad that at least not all of my history was rewritten.

But the important parts have and as I sat looking at  the little trinket in the corner that my little one used to hold, I felt a part of me grow cold all over again. Science, it’s completely amazing, and completely dangerous, but as all things in life, it is indeed well worth the risk.


I came to New Babbage to escape pain, and I met it head on here…I lost my mind…I lost my caretaker…and I may even lost an arm…

But when I laid down on that operating table in Steelhead surrounded by the caregivers of the Wulfenbach Consul and their sciences…I then knew that I would gain a new life.

Whoever said that money can’t buy you happiness was right…but it can certainly buy a second chance at life if you knew who to pay and had the gall to take the chance. That’s what it takes, gall. Gall to do things you never thought possible. Gall to achieve, and step on those in order to obtain those achievements. Gall to twist, and tweak this aether called life into something substainable…or at least stomachable.


Here I am, to stomach again. The much needed rebirth that I needed. Judge me…you already have I’m sure, but while you live in the wake of my past, I’ll be doing other things. Like enjoying a simple life….


One I hope to live to the fullest….as Elise Isabella Bones. Pleased to meet you…I’m sure.

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