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The sheep are restless

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  1. Steadman Kondor Steadman Kondor July 19, 2014

    I love how the sheep cooperate so well with each other in the interest of search and destroy.

  2. Delilah Lungwort Delilah Lungwort July 20, 2014

    I find the sheep deliciously proliferating, and have found in a very secret study that a much larger percentage of reproduction is actually occurring that we may notice. Possibly something in the range of 300% replication? While this does present certain oddities pertaining to sheep reproductive systems, it has a useful utility. Veal is at a market high in many lands, and I’ve considered it my civic duty to maintain a thinning of the flock before we are overun with the smelly creatures, thus threatening a city-wide health issue.

    I did contact Mr. Victor Morningside to inquire as to his being behind this great bourgeoning of the oh-so-baaaaaaaad quadrupeds. He denied all complicity, and stated, “I have not noticed any growth in the sheep population in New Babbage, or the Quarry.”

    With such certainty established by one of our very own city fathers, I have accepted that the sheep explosion is indeed only rumour, and therefore, my recent windfall in the mutton trade is only a wooly mirage, at best.

    I will be opening my deli soon, and hope to expand into new City of Babbage communities soon. Mutton. It’s quite good for you; the other red meat.

    Should anyone know of another few fleet merchant marine vessels laying idly by, I might appreciate the information, as my docks are becoming a bit crowded with crates needing expeditious handling.

    Also, I am in the market for shearers, butchers and skinners.

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