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the search for a carrot

The small spherical drones clanked through the streets, showing up over the past few days scanning and searching for something.  A small group found the first sign  in the bunny tower in Wheatstone, a tuff of black fur, then they were chased off by an extremely dangerous rabbit with a plank.  The fearless clanks retreated (after pausing to repair a step, you sometimes just can’t shake programming) and paused to meet and plan their next step,  the plank bearer was a hurdle, they would have to take care of her before they could locate the other.  After much clicking, buzzing, and pantomiming, they formed a plan.

Step 1. find a carrot

Step 2. lure the rabbit

Step 3. put the rabbit in a cage

Step 4. find some leftover catnip

Step 5. lead the other to a cage.

Step 6 ?????

Step 7. profit!


They excitedly hurried to find a carrot, searching high and low, eventually stealing the nose from a snowman, they met again to confer with each other, as a crazy woman watched. 

and they went over the plan

Stap1. Carrot.

Step2. carrot as bait for the cat, to put in a cage, with a cupcake?!

Step 3. hit the plank bearer with a plank.

Step burgundy. ?????

step alpha. Profit!!!

The droids were quickly thwarted when the carrot was snatched by the crazy girl who was much taller than then.

Defeated, they resumed the search.

Raiding a place that smelled distinctly of cabbage, one of the droids did not like it and held it’s nonexistent breath, another was distracted by how well maintained the restaraunt was, the third located the carrot, and they exciedly went over the plan again, this time it involved giant robots, and a bag,  now they just needed giant robots and a bag….

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  1. Layla Anders Layla Anders December 10, 2013

    Pictures in the snow. All busy with pictures in the snow while neglecting their lovely orange vegetable, so sad and cold. I fixed it.

    It was delicious. Thank you.

  2. Eloise Winchester Eloise Winchester December 10, 2013

    Audrey scowled as she kicked the snow ahead of her, solemnly marching back toward the Babbage Cabbage. “Machines! Why is it always machines? And why is it always me? They can’t be turned, they’re simple objects locked into simple patterns…”

    Pausing to peer into Wheatstone through the dancing mists of swirling snow, Audrey shivered and pulled her collar up tighter before quietly slipping across the bridge…

  3. Kasa Kasa December 11, 2013

    Kicks at the wall of the tower again “Clanks BLOODY CLANKS” she yells out again. “What are they up to, hmmm they come in here make a raket over something then make a mess… least they fixed that step before someone else broke something… waas tough resetting that girls broken arm and sending her to the Hospital, I just need more training.” Grumbles as she goes about working in the tower.

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