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The Return of the Red “X”

“…you found a what?” Sky asked sleepily without even opening her eyes.  She’d been asleep for a couple of hours and she was attempting to not be in a foul mood. She hated mornings, especially ones prior to five o’clock.

Scottie felt bad for waking her up, but he was almost certain it was important enough news to do so.  He repeated quietly, “A red ‘X’…”

Waving her hand dismissively, Sky gargled out, “Pffft, could be the urchins are having a treasure hunt or some….”  That’s when one of her blue eyes blinked open, she was obviously attempting to think.  “A red ‘X’…  Seems familiar for some reason.  Can’t remember why…  What’s it look like?” she muttered into her hands as she rubbed her face in the darkness.

“Uh, well it’s an ‘X” and it’s red…on a piece of white paper…” Scottie was at a loss for trying to describe it more than that.  “Found it on the steps at ‘Cuffs,” he added, hoping that was more helpful.

Sky blinked a bit, now a touch more awake, “I really wish I could remember…  I should really go to the apothecary to see if he could do something about this blasted memory of mine.”  She offered Scottie a small smile, making it obvious that was her attempt at early morning humor. 

Her brow then furrowed, “Wait…  Apothecary.  Trolley.  ‘X’.”  Sky narrowed her eyes and whispered, “Assassin.  I remember now…”  They sat a moment in silence before she added ominously, “Builder help whoever caused this.”  “They’ll need it…” Scottie finished the thought, giving a dark grin.


A few hours later a letter was sent via pneumatic post to the Gut…

Miss Charise Adderstein
The Gut
New Babbage

Dear Miss Adderstein,

It was a pleasure seeing you the other evening at the cockfights.  Hope you are doing well.  Please forward the enclosed letter to Mr. Darkfold at your earliest convenience.  I sent it to you as I’m sure you are aware of his whereabouts.

My thanks in advance for your assistance,
Sky Melnik

P.S. – Offhand do you have any suggestions for improving a spotty memory? Your expert apothecary advice would be helpful.


Dear Mr. Darkfold,

I am in receipt of your note declaring your undying admiration.  Really now, you should be aware that I am happily married and am in no situation to receive such advances.  For shame, sir.  Do watch your step as there is now at the least one jealous husband after you.  In addition, I am less than pleased about the entire situation.

Sky Melnik

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