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The Procedure

Beryl did not have to wait long for the sound of Evangeline’s heels to return, though she was accompanied by the heavy thud of metallic footsteps, boots, and a loud squeak from something heavy being wheeled towards him.  A low growl outside his cell made Beryl cringe inwardly as he remembered the clockwork dog that protected these halls before.

 “Diid you take yourrr medicine, cat?”  Evangeline looked inside, eclipsing the green light, to find Beryl laying on the ground looking up at her with what he hoped looked like a vague expression.  She seemed even more intoxicated than before and nodded satisfied.  She opened the cell door and revealed herself, the clockwork dog, and an iron cage that they had wheeled here.  There were also several figures he had not expected.  

 One was a man he didn’t know, his attire wealthy and holding himself with a satisfied air while he stroked his pointed oiled beard.  The other was Sanderson, the corrupt mayor of Moreau Town in Germany.  He bared his canine teeth in an angry snarl at Beryl who backed away by pushing on the ground slowly.  “Where…is Prof. Rance?”  

“He is…indisposed,” the man with the oiled beard said with a booming voice that reverberated in Beryl’s cell. “My men are taking good care of him.”

Beryl hit the back of the cell, cornered.  He had never felt so alone or afraid. He wanted to fight and run; to lay there pretending to have taken the pill hidden in his pocket until he could strike them unawares.

If you try to fight them they will kill you.  

That small girl had warned him not an hour gone that this was going to happen.  Had asked him to trust her.  Looking at his enemies he realized he could not fight past all three of them and escape the clockwork blocking his path.  He could kill the three, but not escape.  

“Alright cat, hurrrry up and get in.  You need to have yer brain checked to make sure you’rre saafe.” Evangeline said as she opened the wheeled cage and stared down at him indifferently.  He found her indifference worse than the bearded man’s satisfaction or Sanderson’s animosity.  Beryl started to move towards the cart slowly, fighting every part of himself that told him to attack, to flee.  

He forced himself to his four feet, ignoring his back leg which was shaking terribly. He exited the cell heading for the cage. He had no desire to die. Not like this. He didn’t want to get into the restrainment, but he sat on the wooden boards inside the cage carefully as he breathed deeply.

Evangeline slammed the door satisfied, locking Beryl within, and then wobbled towards a back door.  Beryl heard the low growl of Sanderson as he personally pushed the iron cage.after the woman who led them past cells where the inhabitants moaned miserably.  Beryl’s tail quivered and his claws gripped his legs as he was pushed to a back room that had been prepared for surgery.  

There in a scientists garb and a welcoming smile was Nymlet.  Beside her was a fox, but its head was now adorned by one of Nymlets prized ‘enhancement’ devices that had attached electrodes to its brain.  The fox twitched and seemed unaware that it was drooling.

On a nearby table was all the tools that would be needed to give Beryl an ‘enhancer’ of his own.  

Beryl didn’t fight back as they got him out of the cage and strapped him down onto the table until he was completely immobile, though he had wanted to desperately bolt or struggle back with all of his being.

“This process can be reversed can’t it?”  He asked nervously as he tried not to look at the table where Nymlet was working, her body illuminated by the sickly green light.

“Of course it can,” Nymlet said proudly. “Though you won’t want to once you’ve been upgraded.”

“Not this time.”  Sanderson raised one of his paws to his right eye, feline claws had scarred him horribly years before, and he growled.  “This one will never be free.”

“For the safety of us all.”  The rich man with the beard added, though Nymlet did not appear to be listening.

“He’s already been dosed?”  Nymlet asked from behind Beryl, pausing in her movements while the feline laid helplessly under the metal restraints.

“Yeahhh,”  Evangeline responded as she leaned against the wall.  “Won’t feel a thing.”

A sharp whirring sound made Beryl clench as Nymlet moved right over his immobile head. He struggled to move so that he could see what was happening, and found nothing could wiggle free but his tail.  He could barely see Nymlet reaching down to place her spinning blade against his skull.


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  1. Loki Gearhead Loki Gearhead June 7, 2014

    I want to Reach out and Give Beryl some hugs when I read these stories! the RP had to have been fantastic! I know this is OOC but I had to say it

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