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The “Pose with DreddPirate Bob” snowglobe

Pose with DreddPirate Bob at the Palaeozoic Museum in Clockhaven.



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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs January 2, 2015

    Ahhhh, a blast from the past!  I’ll have to visit. *grin*

  2. Kimika Ying Kimika Ying January 3, 2015

    A Bestiary of Bob    This is a listing of a different sort of bob but I’m unable to resist adding it.

    “Of the 20 style cuts 16 were “Bobs” of one sort or another, including the beguiling ‘Ultra-mannish Bob’…”

    • Thomas Morlock Thomas Morlock January 3, 2015

      *snaps fingers while perusing the menu…

      Spurgan, how are you with the chignon bob?

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