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The Port Incident

Vic was sitting back, looking over the plans for the Savoury Street Market while one of the Port Boys, a Mr Hampton, told him of the going on in port less than a few hours ago..

“…and then their throat got ripped out!  Clean out i tell ya!  The other lads didnt know what was happenin!”

That night a new gang, led by a Moreau of the name of Omig, had wandered into port with his gang and decided to take it over, right under the nose of the Port workers.  Deliverys had ground to a halt for the past 3 hours and Mornington was waiting on a final shipment of horsehead bricks for the foundation works of the new market.  He was already getting an earful from his cousin who owned the soon to be demolished Port Market that delivery delays was not factored in to her timesheets.  It was at that ppint in the usual family arguement that Vic’s eyes glazed over…

“So…Mr Hampton.  This fella’s name was…what… oleg?”

“Omig Mr Mornington Sir!”

Mornington turned to Lia who was standing slightly in the shadows.

“One of the Solano crew Vic”

At that same time, a passing urchin heard a multitude of crass and rather offensive language being shouted from the inside of Sovereign House in Academy.  Soon after a flustered old Mr Hampton ran out of said house towards port.

Lia was the first one to speak…

“We can involve the Family in this…it would make things quicker”

“Lia.. you know for a fact if we got Ravilla involved in this it would mean i would owe them a favour, the last favour i had to repay costed me 6 barrels of Ravilla Black from my own personal stock…”

Lia rolled her eyes….

It was at this point Vic had an idea…after scribbling a note, he handed it to Lia…who grinned when she read it…

Dear Ms Solano

I do hope your day, and indeed your whole week has been a fine and prosperous one and that you and your business in that rather run down old warehouse of your’s is keeping you busy.

I had heard this very evening that one of your gangs has decided to start plying their trade in Port Babbage.  Now, as we both know, I am never one to stand in the way of expansion.  Expansion of any business promotes healthy and lucrative competition as you well know.  This is why myself and Lia decided to expand upon Lia’s small and quaint market.  Lias from Sicily you know, she rather likes timetables and making sure that everything is on time and in order.

Unfortunatley for Lia, your venture into expanding into Port has put her timetable back by a good few hours, and as we both know Ms Solano…time is money.

You might have heard that Stack Rock Fort, all the way out there in Vernian Sea, just had new RMT II guns installed.  I am told, hypothetically of course, that those guns can pick off a warehouse tending or cargo barge from a very long distance away.

Luckilly enough, Lia is a very good shot.  She has not had any accidents….


I hope this letter find you in good health.


Victor Mornington
Liandra Venuto 

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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery January 20, 2016

    *swaps the popcorn for a dish of olives*

  2. violet Solano violet Solano January 20, 2016

    Violet finishes reading the letter from Mr Mornington and thinks for a moment before putting pen to paper,

    Ah dear Victor, it’s good of you to write to me about  this little problem.  While it is true that it was my men who were involved in the incident mentioned in your letter, it was in no way meant as an attack on yours, Miss Venuto’s, or any other legitimate business owners endeavors within Port.
      Rather it was to slap down, and contain, the activities of an upstart street gang, under the command of one Big Willy one thumb, whom have of late been harassing my agents in Babbage canals.
    Now had I known you had employed such base ruffians, which I saw as well beneath a person of your status in our fair city, I would have contacted you yourself on the matter.
     Such mistakes do happen, I suggest we meet at some point to further discuss this mater,
    Sincerely ……… V Solano
    PS being a bit of an artillery hobbyist myself, I am familiar with the RMT II gun and its maximum possible elevation,
    I am also well aware that a large air lorry cargo box filled with high explosives, and armed with impact detonators, when dropped from a high elevation, say above the maximum elevation of a RMT II gun, can totally flatten even the finest of luxury hotels.

    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs January 20, 2016

      I don’t know that that’s much of a deterrant, Miss Solano.  It’d just give him an excuse to rebuild it… yet again… *grin*

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