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The Persians Appear

“Akidami? Akidami? Hey! Wake up! We’re almost there! Akidami! Bianca’s going to be soooo upset with you,” Liana slammed her fist upon the cabin door like the waves against the hull of the ship did during the previous night’s storm. It’s been some time since they’ve been in the sooty city, but a deep yawn and inhale assured him that they were once again under the blanket of Babbage. Akidami sat up, murmuring all the while and yawning before just staring at the door.


No answer…

“Akidami! You son of an oxbrain! Open this door now!”

“….La,” and with that he turned back to settle himself into the blankets of his bed. Expecting to hear Liana scream in protest he was mildly concerned upon hearing nothing.  A few minutes passed before a gentle wrapping came upon the door followed by the faint low tone of a woman.

“Akidami…if you do not open this door, I will open it for you, and you will NOT like the way I will open this door…”

Akidami sat up straight and even paled slightly before turning his head to the side and eyeing the door. That voice and its tone saturated with promise of consequence for his lack of actions was familiar. That woman was the only woman that could bring his mind to heaven…or hell. That woman was the only one who could cause pleasure, or pain. THAT woman was none other, than his new wife…


“A moment Bianca, er…Sultana, I will be with you soon,” he climbed lazily from bed, dressed and opened the door to look down at the women before him. “Yes lo—“

“We are almost ready to dock. How come you have not been awake to instructed Obadias, Malachi, and Lase what to do?”

“I was merely resting a bit more habibiti I’m sorry for keeping you…”

Liana smugly rubbed her thumb along her cheek at Akidami, which caused him to swat at her. Bianca shook her head and turned back towards the hall which led to the upper deck that housed the “Persians” that accompanied her and her new husband back to New Babbage. Her mind raced a little as she saw the White Rabbit come into view, the captain easing into the port with care in the cool of the autumn afternoon. Obadias put a hand over his mouth and coughed, “THIS is where you lived?” he looked around a bit and though his mouth was covered, by the crinkle of the corners of his eyes you could tell, he was not impressed.

“Yes Obadias…I lived here…Well, I DO live here,” She said and turned to look at Akidami who was fixing the scarf around his neck and looking over the port. The wrinkles of his brow signified he was calculating with the new brethren he had obtained in the exiled port they came from. He caught her gaze, his face melting a bit and as warmly as a war torn man could muster he offered her a smile in return, “Yes my habibiti…we do live here.”

“I think New Babbage will be a great adventure! So many people to meet! So many—“

“Heh, I am interested in meeting people too Liana, but let us not meet any by accident. Remember what was told to us by Akidami.”

Liana nodded her head in understanding but couldn’t help but let the feeling of excitement swell into her being yet again. New Babbage was a new beginning for the young Egyptian, the medical opportunities, the science! Akidami put an arm around his new wife careful not to touch the branding on her shoulder as it would still be sore from the ceremony, he leaned into kiss her gently on the top of her head, but Bianca’s eyes scanned the port slowly as if awaking from a dream.

For the longest of times, she was afraid of New Babbage, intimidated, inadequate to be amongst the people. A feeling she developed on her own accord…but a feeling that the love that she has grown close too, and the discovery of who she was as a woman that was utterly destroyed.

“Good to see you New Babbage…” she whispered, “Good to see you…”

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  1. Akidami Swift Akidami Swift September 29, 2011

    Sultana…my…wife. Please can you not make me seem like someone who is lazy and worthless? At least…not in public? *stares*

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