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The Omnibill Instant Poster Publication System




The Omnibill system has been designed for those interested in promoting their venue or event throughout the Steamlands of SecondLife. Unwilling to travel throughout the large number of sims to distrbute your notices? Tired of wrestling with permission and autoreturn problems? With Omnibill, you can easily submit a texture to a single location and have it instantly appear in dozens of inworld locations. Set an expiration date and your notice no longer appears when it is no longer required. Include a notecard to distribute information at a touch far and wide.


Omnibill is divided into two portions: a publish box and a display component.

* Publish Boxes. Drop a texture and notecard in the publish box, click it, and the information is submitted to a web-enabled database. A web interface allows users to set expiration dates and match textures with notecards.

* Displays (also called Walls). Parcel owners place walls on their property throughout the Steamlands. Every hour, each wall requests the latest poster from the aethernets and displays it inworld.

Omnibill offers several Series containing different notices and posters: Steamlands Events, Steampunk Products and Services, sim-specific posters, and many more.

Walls are free (take a copy of any you see), and will add a refreshing bit of character to any streetcorner or public venue. Posters are always in theme, up-to-date, and usually interesting.

We look forward to working with you in the service of your poster distribution needs. Please see our website for more information, visit us inworld, or IM any questions to Aeolus Cleanslate.

Thank you!




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  1. Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart November 28, 2010

    Ingenious!  Where can the walls be found?  I looked at the printing office and didn’t find one.

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk November 28, 2010

    you have probably seen one, the posters that are on top of the old worn off poster texture are using the omnibill system.

  3. Aeolus Cleanslate Aeolus Cleanslate November 28, 2010

    I made it more explicit. Now you can obtain one of three walls at the Printery: Steamlands Events, New Babbage promotions, and Steampunk Products.

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