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the nightmares continue

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Snow woke up after another night of restless sleep; the nightmare again.  He shivered as the sweat began to chill against his skin, why had the nightmare come back with so much force?  He had not gotten a good nights rest in the last week.
Each night the dream became more vivid. Was it because the full moon was getting closer… was it because he had unknowingly encountered another of his kind?
He groaned as he slipped his jacket on and slid to the entrance of his hiding place, pushing aside the manhole covering it.  As he slipped out of the manhole he froze as he saw tracks in the snow.  They weren’t made by shoes, feet, or hooves:  they were paw prints.  Did he change without realizing it?  He started to panic a bit looking himself over… there was no blood. He examined the print closely to see if it was his, hoping it belonged to someone else.
He could not tell, the fresh snow that fell over night, it blurred the tracks enough that he could not tell if they were his. His heart raced, was he dreaming… was he in a different nightmare? No…..this was no dream.  It was morning, he could tell by the snow crunching under his feet.
He shut the manhole as he stumbled along the streets holding his stomach.  It was growling, the hunger strong today.  He needed to eat soon.  He had learned raw meat filled him and he had kept it satisfied with rat until now.  

He needed to find something. He slowly made his way through town towards the canal, there were always fat juicy rats there.  His ears alert though his senses were dulling–He hadn’t slept right. His nose was twitching as he sniffed the air occasionally to make sure he was not followed.

His ears twitch as he heard a rat scurrying nearby.  He chased it and caught it, quickly eating it down where no one can see.  

He cleaned himself up trembling, he was sweating still.  In his mind he could still hear that laugh, “…no soul….no soul”.  He cringed each time he heard the word soul anymore, and the raven was after souls. What was this raven he saw and heard so much about?  And that strange device wanted his brain.  Why and who?  A killer?  Was that a dream?  No, he could not start doubting himself now.  Time was close… to close for him to give in.

He stretched as he stood up panting softly; slowly he starts to wander the alleys and streets, trying to avoid what he did not know and look for those he did.  His friends made him feel safe for some reason, their kindness something he only felt once before, more of his memory coming back to him, everything he locked away, that kind gentle old lady, she cared for snow when he was young not afraid of him.

His ears twitch as he hears something. He jumps and looks around seeing nothing, was he being followed? His heart races as he continues to wander through the street. He needed answers he needed to find more tracks, see if it was him or something else, he needed to know, was the one killed the other day the only killer?

He remembered Cyan telling him that the Babbagers had killed a werewolf, but could there be more, could there be more of his kind running around town killing still, or was he the last one left in town? There were so many questions he needed more answers for…more information.

He needed to find all the safest places, he had finally memorized one of the urchin hideouts, he knew how to get to the gangplank, and his friends satu’s home, but he needed more, he needed to know every corner every shadow every place he can hide, or something that was a danger to him could hide, no… no he could not feed into the paranoia!  He was strong.  He would make it through the full moon and hurt no one…..

He had to be careful, the curfew was a bad omen in his mind, Underby’s men and the militia out on the streets at night, the militia would arrest him, but what about Underby’s men.. if arrested he had no way of hiding when the full moon hit, and if dead well….

Things were looking bad for him now.  He slumped down looking around slowly, he had returned once more to the hill overlooking the city or the ocean. His mind wandered as he leans against the statue overlooking the sea, as he closes his eyes and rests. waiting, wondering what will happen in the days to come.



(if your enjoying the story so far and want to get involved feel free to message me. I am new here and do not bite. >.> well not in this form

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