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The Nightmares Begin…



The Maestro opened his eyes as another nightmare tore through his mind. He didn’t usually suffer from dreams like this. In fact, he had not been tormented to this degree since he fell asleep near Aether Pump and saw that horrid Eyeball thing. He grasped desperately to retain a few details of the wretched dream, but he couldn’t hang on to it. It left him.

As he began to gain consciousness, he also began to look around. The last thing he remembered was crawling into bed at the Forsythe Estate. He had almost completed a device to retrieve his ship from the Void beyond the Aether, and was using the empty mansion to house his workshop. But now, instead of being in a comfortable bed, he found himself sleeping on a large boulder. He sat up and discovered that where there had been a sprawling mansion the night before, there now sat a vacant lot! He reached into his pocket to pull out the journal he always kept with him. Maybe it would hold a clue to what had happened.

As he thumbed through the pages, a sense of confusion came over him. Where there had once been pages of notes on designs and calculations how to reopen one of the aether cracks safely, now there were only mad ramblings of “Raptor” and “Horse.” To make matters worse, the paradox detector he wore on his arm began to go off more frequently. Had he slipped through into a parallel world? Or worse yet, was the universe attempting to fix the paradox by going after him? It became even more important that he open that rift and retrieve the TARDIS, before things got any worse!

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