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The night the Tower Fell

Kasa sat in the reception area of the hospital enjoying a small break as things had been slow tonight.  The weather outside was getting colder by the day she thought as she leaned back.  


She hears the bell on the door as it opens. Looking up to see a short, strange man she had never seen before enter. She stood up and came around the counter so she could see better and the gentleman cleared his throat, “Ummm… Hello?”


Kasa smiled, “Good evening and welcome to Baladas Memorial Hospital, how may I help you today?”


The stranger looks her over, “I’m not sure you can little one…. are you… employed here?”

Kasa’s left eyebrow twitched, she was short but she wasn’t  a kid any more.  She had spent most of her teen years now studying to be a doctor and had managed to work to being a nurse, “I.. Am not as young as I look.” She says bluntly. As the stranger straightened up “Ah, forgiveness.” Kasa nods “I am the live in nurse here, do you have an appointment or need for medical attention?”


The stranger shook his head and introduced himself as Otis Tetchre and that he wanted to speak with whomever was in charge of personnel here.   Kasa perking her ear nods “Ah you wish to speak with Dr. Vipe, he is currently with a long term patient. I’ll go and let him know you’re here to see him, make yourself comfortable in the lobby and we will be with you as soon as we can.” She says softly and turns to go back to the elevator, leaving the other receptionist on duty to the front.


She rode the elevator up and slowly made her way to the silent boys room when she heard the commotion from Dr Viper trying to calm one of the patients.  She was shocked to find Wisp, still hooked up to a feeding tube, shaking and terrified…but awake and trying to fight or push off Dr. Viper.


“WISP” She shouted a bit excited and happy to see the boy had come out of his coma, as Wisp started to make motions with his paws as if he was trying to speak. Viper shook his head “I do not speak the language of signs.”


Kasa hurried to the bedside reaching under it to pull out a badly battered book and puts it in Wisps lap, then fetched him a new quill and ink well while the doctor waited patiently.  Wisp opened the book and tried to sketch something, but his paws were shaking too badly from being in a coma so long. His ears flattening to his head.

Viper cleared his throat “Yes, we’ve had many questions as to what did this to you.  All we know is Captain Heinrichs brought you here after ‘Bunny’ tower collapsed.”


Wisp  thinks a moment as he tries to remember flipping to a page to what looked like a Moreau wolf, but bulkier and a bit taller, as he held up two fingers.


Viper looked at the drawings and frowned slightly, “As we feared.  Other Moreau’s did this to you. Can you identify them?”


Wisp looks up and nods as he thinks trying to remember.  He flipped the page to an old news clipping about wolves.  Viper looking the article about a rabid wolf from years before  “Large dangerous wolves… we found no trace of rabies in you at the time of your admittance. Wisp lowered his ears and grimaced.


Wisp takes a moment to think, closing his eyes and rubbing his head as he tries to think on what happened.  He slowly turned to another page and pointed to a drawing of Lilith, then a drawing of a black wolf looking Moreau standing next to her but it was slender and different looking than normal wolf moreau.


Kasa had been telling the Dr that he had a visitor when Wisps communication caused her to fall silent. “Lili..” She bit her lip, afraid she already said too much as Viper nodded.


“I see, Lilith. I treated her spinal injury. Are you saying she becomes more wolf like and attacked you?” He looked between Wisp and Kasa.


Kasa lowers her head she knew about Liliths secret, “Lilith would never attack anyone… she has been here every night to see  him.. would talk to him about things going on… always looking sad…if she had attacked him why would she come back… and she is not strong enough or has the material to bring the tower down…. and well there was only one case… she cracked stormy on the head with her stick for something he said…”


Dr Viper nodded as Kasa trailed off weakly, “That sounds like the actions of one who feels guilty, she is not to be allowed back onto premises and we shall notify the militia.”


Kasa blinks and lowered her ears trying to protest meekly and trying to not make Lilith sound like a bad guy but… a werewolf….


Lilith was the only one left after that pack lef and so far most of the evidence was now pointing to the urchin girl. “I….I understand and will notify the other nurses…” she says softly.


Wisp lowers his ears his head still full of confusion as he gently pulls on the feeding tube only to have Viper takes his paw off it. “You stay here and rest young one.”


Kasa sighed “What do we do if we see Lilith?”


“You turn her away and notify the Militia or me immediately.” Kasa nods slowly as Viper speaks again, “You said there was someone here to see me?” Kasa nodded and they left Wisp to recover as both of them struggled with their thoughts.

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