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the Narwhal class Cavorite Ram

technical information on the Narwhal class Cavorite Ram

 total Lengh 60M, hull Lengh 48M, diameter 18M,
  Ram Spike Lengh 12M,
  operational weight, inapplicable.
  Crew, 1 pilot,
  wood paneled rubber lined cockpit,
  power plant, two single-phase alternators,, powered by electric motors in a closed circuit.
back up multiple dry cell battery packs for emergency operation, and to start up the motors, if the system has been shut down.
 operational system electrically heated Cavorite plated panels.
 operation principle
 Cavorite negates the pull of gravity on its self, and other Matter, when it reaches the temperature of 60 fahr or lower,the air ship hull is covered with cavorite plated panels on a rubber backing, the rubber backing has a built in cooling system to maintain the plates at a normal temperature of 50 Fahr
thus negating the weight of the surrounding air pushing on the hull, and the gravitational pull of larger masses,
this renders the ship weightless and static,

over this is an electrically charged cage,
using a set of sliding switches the pilot can engage connectors on the backs of select plates creating a Circuit  that draws current through the plates, heating them, and raising the temperature above 60 fahr,
this renders the cavorite inert and allows the surrounding air to push against the panels at  14.5 psi,
thus if the plates on the front of the hull are kept at 50 Fahr, and select plates on the rear are heated, the weight of the air on the rear plates will push the hull forward, the more plates heated, the more the pressure, and the faster the ship goes,
additionally if select plates are heated on a side, they will push the craft in the opposite direction allowing considerable maneuverability.
 an interesting side effect of the propulsion system, is that objects projected towards the hull on hitting the null field are forced to curve around the face of the hull till they can continue forward again, this renders the hull immune to impact by small moving objects,

top tested speed is 150 knots, with a max maneuvering speed of 50 knots,

 the air ship has two weapons, first is an electrically charged ram on the bow,
the second is a cavorite lined tube under a gun port on the front of the hull, the tube is oval and has a one in six twist,
the tube is kept warmed till a projectile is loaded in the tube. a slider is then used to progressively cool the tube forcing the projectile out the front of the barrel at considerable speed.

the rotating blades are stabilizers to prevent lateral rotation,
 the air ship has been designed as an air kraken hunter, but could conceivably be used to other purpose

( excerpt from The First Men in the Moon by h G Wells   

On the 14th of October, 1899, this incredible substance was made!
 Oddly enough, it was made at last by accident, when Mr. Cavor least expected it. He had fused together a number of metals and certain other things – I wish I knew the particulars now ! – and he intended to leave the mixture a week and then allow it to cool slowly. Unless he had miscalculated, the last stage in the combination would occur when the stuff sank to a temperature of 60 Fahr. But it chanced that, unknown to Cavor, dissension had arisen about the furnace tending. Gibbs, who had previously seen to this, had suddenly attempted to shift it to the man who had been a gardener, on the score that coal was soil, being dug, and therefore could not possibly fall within the province of a joiner; the man who had been a jobbing gardener alleged, however, that coal was a metallic or ore-like substance, let alone that he was cook. But Spargus insisted on Gibbs doing the coaling, seeing that he was a joiner and that coal is notoriously fossil wood. Consequently Gibbs ceased to replenish the furnace, and no one else did so, and Cavor was too much immersed in certain interesting problems concerning a Cavorite flying machine (neglecting the resistance of the air and one or two other points) to perceive that anything was wrong. And the premature birth of his invention took place just as he was coming across the field to my bungalow for our afternoon talk and tea.
 …”You are quite clear that the stuff is opaque to gravitation, that it cuts off things from gravitating towards each other? ”
 “Yes,” said I. “Yes.”
 “Well, so soon as it reached a temperature of 60 Fahr, and the process of its manufacture was complete, the air above it, the portions of roof and ceiling and floor above it ceased to have weight. I suppose you know – everybody knows nowadays – that, as a usual thing, the air has weight, that it presses on everything at the surface of the earth, presses in all directions, with a pressure of fourteen and a half pounds to the square inch? ”
 “I know that,” said I. ” Go on.”
 “I know that too,” he remarked. ” Only this shows you how useless knowledge is unless you apply it. You see, over our Cavorite this ceased to be the case, the air there ceased to exert any pressure, and the air round it and not over the Cavorite was exerting a pressure of fourteen pounds and a half to the square in upon this suddenly weightless air. Ah! you begin to see! The air all about the Cavorite crushed in upon the air above it with irresistible force. The air above the Cavorite was forced upward violently, the air that rushed in to replace it immediately lost weight, ceased to exert any pressure, followed suit, blew the ceiling through and the roof off. 0

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