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The Mr. Metheny’s Orchestrion

An eccentric guitarist of Missouri, Mr. Patrick Bruce Metheny (pronounced mÉ™-THEE-nee), has devised an ingenious way to save the expense of a supporting orchestra. He has used an “Orchestrion”, a musical machine composed of 60 musical instruments, including drums, marimbas, pianos, guitars, as well a series of bottles filled with liquids (to mix the tones).
All the instruments are interlaced with each other through craft media, such as car engines, typewriters, various gadgets and buckles. Everything is then controlled directly from the guitar of Mr. Metheny.

The result is acoustically fascinating, also an accountant has calculated that the Orchestrion’s construction cost, is certainly less than the sum of the salaries of 60 musicians.

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  1. Livius Alectoris Livius Alectoris November 22, 2010

    Thanks for the information, Sir Tenk. All this makes me think that the exquisite mathematical harmony of  music, lends itself better to be executed by a machine, rather than a musician, who may be out of tune. Yet, how much emotion in the human imperfection. Maybe one day we will have machines that will play, drawing and design houses. We like it, live in a world so perfect?

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