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The monster and the unicorn.

The cat did not want to be in New-Babbage, she had been dragged into town by some crazy kid with a head full of stuffing and dreams of gold paved streets. Being smart she had dumped the urchin at the first opportunity, but now found herself lost among the dark cold streets of the strange fog bound city. 

As the first icy cold frost of the new autumn bit into her bones and thoughts of the last three days without food filled her head things could not get any worse, and then they did, the monster found her…

The monster stared at the cat, the terrible reek of its decaying flesh filling the cats nostrils. She tried to run, but there was nowhere to go, wherever she ran the monster was there.

Huddled in the dank corner of a nameless alleyway the cat waited for death as the monster pounced!

But nothing happened, there were no slashing claws, no snapping teeth, just a dull slightly metallic thud.

The cat opened her eyes, but all she could see was a shadow running off into the distance.

A shadow that looked like… a unicorn?

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