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The Mind(less) Boggles

Again, and as always by the skin of her porcelain teeth, Dollianna had evaded disaster. The incompetents chasing her had yet again allowed her to slip away. Sighing relief she seized the occasion  to ponder the current state of things: Addlebrass’ abductors had allowed him to escape, and had now somehow traced knowledge of his whereabouts to her. She found it deliciously ironic that they were after her to find him, with the misguided aim that he would lead them to what they ultimately sought. Ironic indeed, yet stingingly inconvenient. A method must be found by which she could make use of this annoyance, and allow the bumbling villains to dispose of Addlebrass—thereby eternally dissipating his dangerous secret. It was then that she sensed a pair of eyes upon her…

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