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The Mayor

The Mayor looking all…Mayorlyoral…. o.O  *cough*

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    • Mr Salazar Jack Mr Salazar Jack December 8, 2011

      Yes, something seems amish. Don’t tell me those wayward Luddites have found a way to visit New Babbage without the aid of electricity?!? Were you asleep when the beard-napping occurred?

      • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk December 8, 2011

        it happens if i go to v3 from v1. since we have the same beard stylist (linden default skin and slider facial hair, that is), do you notice it happening to you? it’s prolly ruth messing with my wig.

        • Mr Salazar Jack Mr Salazar Jack December 8, 2011

          Well, I do a clean shave every once in a blue moon, but it grows back so fast that most folks don’t notice, so I don’t bother with it very often. But no, I don’t notice myself going suddenly beardless through no effort on my part, no matter what conveyance brings me to New Babbage when I am in town.

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