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The Longest night

Snow groans as his body reverts back to his normal shape the wolf finally haveing worn itself out how long had it been a day… a week… the wolf was getting relentless. For now he had control. Everything was a daze as he stumbled out of the hidden room looking down the dark sewers, groaning again as he turns and starts to stumble down the sewers, his head was spining.

“Where.. am…my head… hurts…” He mutters to himself. He had not heard a friendly voice in some time as he whimpers, starting to wonder, was anyone even missing him had anyone noticed he gone missing. He stops at one point and leans against the wall of the sewer closing his eyes. “I am so tired…. so hungry… thirsty…..” He slumps down in the shallow cold water sitting as he lowers his head to sleep, his body tired, his mind tired, and luckly the wolf was tired to. The rats in the sewer could smell what he was and tended to avoid as he had taken quite a few of them out.

who knows how long had gone by when he lifted his head, still in a deep daze as he struggled to his feet and started to stumble like a drunk down the sewer, not sure where he was going, or what to even think, just.. hunger…..hunger…. hunger…

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