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the Lesser of two Evils

Eliot awoke in his attic hiding place, his head throbbing, eyes burning and crusted,and his mouth dry and caked,,

he lay back and stared at the ceiling ” what had those horrid brats been hauling in that cart’ he mumbled to himself,

he rolled onto his side and looked at his latest song bird,

it was a disappointing sight, what ever it was that the urchins had been hauling had caused him to loose control, and instead of a proper singing lesson, he had simply shredded her,

the cat sat up and put his head in his paws ” and it was so very hard to get you my dear” he said to the corpse”

and it had been hard, the militia was everywhere, and not even looking for him ” how rude he mumbled to himself”

add to that all the hunters like wright, and that woman dagger crawling about the roofs,it was getting hard to even move around without incident,

and everywhere that dam dog omig was on his heals,

and not even armed with proper rifles, Omig and his men were armed with some sort of compressed air gun, firing darts filled with some foul concoction, of Qismah’s, probably Curare based judging from the effect it had on some poor drunk one panicky member of his hunting party had shot in an ally,

Eliot shook his head “well its obvious Violet wants me alive, although not necessarily kicking” he said to the dead girl ” i wonder what she’ll do to me? what ever it is it will be slow, and painful”

the Moreau laughed out loud “well that decides it, id best give my self up to Captain Hienrichs, better a quiet cell in the asylum, then a slow death at the hands of that evil Rabbit”

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