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The Landing ((first half is IC, second OOC))

    “…Ma’am…Balthazar has finished the hull of the ship, but work on the interior has stopped. He’s finshed hallways and such, and has fixed the hull of the bridge. He’s ready to transfer the work to you for compleation as per your orders from last night. He also stated that he’s secured a private landing spot for your landing.” And with that, Marit Static walked to her glider and launched it off to  New Babbage. Moving through the clouds and smog, she saw the snowy covered city she missed move into view, marveling at how it looks covered in snow. Seeing the red smoke ontop the roof of the Shield she manuvered towards it and made a landing on the runway, but jumped off and engaged the gliders self-destruct to go off before crashing into the ocean.

    “Balthazar, thank you for the smoke and place to land…I did miss the Shield too, and it looks like its had a major overhaul too. Now lets get off this thing and find someplace to stay.” Jumping into the observation blimp they set off to the otherside of the wall in the academy district and moved on past that point just outside of babbage’s boarders and setup camp for the night.


I am back for good this time, as I left abruptly. Although I did return as a different avi, it was mostly on/off over the last few months, and only for building porposes, so essentially I was still gone socially. For the most part, loads of work was dumped on me at the last minute seemingly every other week from one class alone. And other than that, other rl-issues got in the way and I couldnt quits keep it all up. Along with that, I got a new 360/kinect bundle so it kinda was a muse for a good time for ideas I plan on exploring sometime soon. Anywho, I MISSED YA’LL!!! *hugs everyone*…oookay….now back to building! And hopefully I’ll get a job soon and can rent again and setup my home again

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