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The Journey Home

I can’t believe my eyes. i fell asleep on the train ride to New Babbage. and when i woke up i arrived in New Babbage Square. i don’t know how i got here and there seems to be no one around. I must fine someone to help me navigate this city. and a couple of other things. for one i can’t get my redicolous outfit changed….and have no idea where im going to live…hmmmm. ill find something to do other wise….

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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn December 27, 2010

    A blue wooden box appears on the platform and a man dressed in a hooded robe steps out. He introduces himself as “the Maestro” and welcomes you to New Babbage. He then turns around, steps inside the box and vanishes as suddenly as he arrived, leaving Ichabod no less puzzled.

    ((Welcome to NB Ichabod. Hope to see you ingame, feel free to stop and say hi anytime, as I can usually be wandering around whereever I please.))

    • Ichabod Chronometrist Ichabod Chronometrist December 27, 2010

      funny enough, i saw your box last night….(wow, that sounded soo wrong)

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