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The Journal of Jonathon Spires, September the Second, Year of our Lord Nineteen Hudredsomething

Finished work on the new improved litter chair. Tested this aruond north of the city. 

Tea with Mr Creighton.

Work upon the transcribing of a Frater’s book.

Took observation of what I thought to be passing meteor, but observed it to be swiftly passing airship with her exhausts throwing sparks. Very dangerous. We need some sort of reeve for the air traffic. 

Visited the Gangplank. A “Hob” was in the fireplace. Members of the * were already there questioning and using methods of discernment, and there were others besides including our new and suprisingly tall physician. 

I believe it, the thing in the fireplace, spoke in a kind of code, but I am uncertain. It vanished into atoms and I saw it no more.  Now I realize that I leant my notebook to a Mrs Hermit. I forgot to get it back. It was a blank one, new.

Dinner of salted wiggyfish with bubble and squeak. I must eat at a restaurant soon.



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