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The Journal of Arnold: The Lost and Unrecorded Chapters Part 1

((The following was never recorded to the day titled: “Day 44, Wed:  I woke up in the Bucket” found in Arnold’s First Journal under Week 7.  That date concluded abruptly with Arnold recording that he spoke with Lionheart about his nature.  This is what Arnold would have written (replacing the last paragraph) if he had chosen to record the information.))

After we assisted the gentlemen we went to Red’s Revenge.  I didn’t actually get anything to drink of course, but I was finally able to sit down with Lionheart.  He asked me very simply to start with whatever questions I may have had.

[21:32] Heliotrope LionheartHeliotrope Lionheart sips his Guiness. “Now then… questions?”
[21:32] Arnold: Do you want to go first, or shall I?
[21:32] Heliotrope Lionheart: Please do.
[21:33] Arnold: I’ve heard about what you do from Miss Stargirl’s point of view.
[21:33] Arnold: I wanted to hear yours.
[21:33] Heliotrope LionheartHeliotrope Lionheart smirks, “Ah.”
[21:33] Heliotrope Lionheart: I’m curious how she described it… me.
[21:33] Arnold: That you invaded her dreams on the intent to drive her mad and all because she didn’t sleep with you.
[21:33] Arnold: Or that’s how she made it sound.
[21:34] Heliotrope LionheartHeliotrope Lionheart coughs into his suds.

He pretty much admitted that he was in fact capable of such and had been trying to drive her insane, though he did insist that he wasn’t trying to just because of that. Considering she apparently has close ties to the church that ended up collaring him, I suppose he could have had other motives as well.  That was never my issue or my concern, especially since she was the one who had been wronged and she didn’t exact her own revenge when she was taking care of him.

He went on to tell me about the nachtmahrts and a bit about them before we arrived at the subject I had been intending to bring up which was how he selected his victims, which lead inevitably to Maddox.  I ended up telling him the truth how Miss Maddox has had attacks and that she is having enough problems without him there to make it worse.  I also told him what I would do if I began to suspect that he ever started to do so.

He asked me what he would get out of such an arangement, besides just his continued existence, which was more than fair enough as I wouldn’t have taken such a deal myself.  I told him to name his price and that if I could meet it that I would.

He thought about it for a moment, and seemed interested since he asked if I recalled what I had overheard about the deal with the brothers and signing in blood, and if I would hold weight to a promise. I told him that I would give him the benefit of my doubts until I saw evidence to the contrary, which he understood meant I’ll be watching for when he breaks his word.

In the end he erred away from the promise and said that he could direct me to something a bit more concrete, wards of some kind that would prevent him from looking in on Maddox and where I could get them.  I agreed to that, though I did say I’d speak with Sonnerstein about their authenticity.

After that he named his price, he wanted me to keep an eye and an ear out on Miss Underby and to find out as much as I could about whatever she was planning, though he admitted that he knew more than he was allowed to tell me.  I asked him why he didn’t just watch her dreams for the information, but he seemed to be afraid she would be able to figure it out and come after him if he did try. 

In other words, he’s too afraid to get caught and killed, so he’d rather use me.  He didn’t say it explicitly, but I have the feeling he suspects I have a less than perfect criminal history, then again I’ve made no secret in town that I used to be an urchin or that I used to break into establishments in order to find shelter. 

As I was already looking into the matter because I wanted to find out every danger there was in town, this seemed like it wouldn’t be going too far out of my way.  I still had to talk to  her before I decided what type of person she was, but in the end I’d have agreed to his price either way.

He told me that I could get the wards for Miss Maddox from Hermit, which I will handle as sparingly as possible and without touching them if I can.  After I put them around her room I will also avoid going in it as much as possible.  Lionheart also told me that I should go to Miss Macbain and ask about how I should deal with Phaedra and try to convince her to give me a charm she owned that would protect me from her.  That wasn’t a very vieled attempt to just get it away from her to me, but I wouldn’t have been interested either way, I’d probably break it, warp it, or worse.

Just as we had finished another man entered the room who I had never met, but we said our goodbye’s and we both departed leaving the man alone.

As for Lionheart himself, it’s obvious that I would be an idiot to trust him and that he is trying to use me.  I am quite aware that I’ve just made a deal with someone who is happy to be called a demon, so I’m sure this will backfire in some way,
but I’ll deal with the consequences as they come and then respond as they

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