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The Journal of Arnold: Mid-Week 4

Sunday: What makes this thing tick?

I didn’t do much today except try to make contact with Mr. Harvey and try to find some throw-away items that can be used for our new home.  It’ll take awhile but I may actually be able to turn it into…something.

I found a way to open the back area and got my first glimpse at the power source that was making all that noise…and I had to resign myself to the fact I won’t be able to replace it.  Perhaps I can ask Dr. Sonnerstein about it though.

I went to meet with him and instead found a pool of blood that was right outside of the candy shop.  Yang was there as well as someone I’d never met who didn’t introduce himself, and we suspected it might belong to the snake or one of his victims.  I had my doubts it belonged to either, because there was no blood trail leading towards the ocean and because there hasn’t been blood at the other scenes.  Still, the stranger dabed a handkerchief and gave it to me to give to one of the doctors when I told him I had just started there.  It seemed as good an excuse as any to meet with him.

Monday – Tuesday: Inconclusive results all around

I spent most of today searching for furniture and the like, but not coming up with anything really good.  I did meet with Dr. Ephraim N. Serin who told me that the results were inconclusive.  Still, it was good to have met with him since Mr. Harvey has once again become scarce.

I mentioned that I was going to be one of the new nurses, and they congratulated me.  Their behavior was surprising because where I come from a man trying to be a nurse would make him a laughing stock, not that it would have stopped me either way.  I’ve got no pride, or when I figure out that I do have some form of it I go out of my way to crush that part of me.

He and his nurse got defensive when I told them that though, and I explained that I only meant disrespect towards myself and not the profession or her.

Wed:  I annoy the mayor and go to church

I ran into the mayor in Clockhaven today and told him hello and asked if Miss Maddox had ever appologized.  He told me she hadn’t and didn’t even seem to remember who she was and continued to walk around, seemingly aimless.  Considering what I’d heard, I decided to follow him and made no secret about it.

[16:34] Arnold: I wonder very loudly if you’ve noticed I’m following you.

He didn’t acknowledge me, and that gave some credence to a few of the things I had been hearing and he soon started to play with a skull rather than talk to me.  So I asked a very direct question:

[16:37] Arnold: What is 2 plus 2.
[16:37] Mosseveno Tenk nods while chewing
[16:37] Mosseveno Tenk: holds up 4 fingers

I could have just left it at that because I had the answer to the question I really wanted answered (and it wasn’t the math problem obviously), but I kept talking to him and following him around town.  If he had asked me to go away I would have, but he never bothered. 

Considering it could only help him, I did eventually mention his cough and a few other things that had some people worried though he discounted them.  I also told him that he might want to get checked out for tuberculosis and even if it isn’t TB one of the doctors could probably find the source of his problem whatever it is and fix it, or at least warn him the end was coming. 

He eventually asked me what I wanted, I told him the truth considering I had already gotten what I had wanted from the conversation and the rest was just me evaluating the mayor as a person.  We then had a short talk after that before he muttered something about a charm, stared at a red window of a house and then wandered off.  I went to follow him but once again he left me behind and instead of catching up I ran into Scald who then went to join a rather large group of people.

I saw a priest, or as I found out later he was a Brother by the name of Lapis, speaking with Scald and a man wearing an odd device around his neck.  I was reminded of the device Stargirl had mentioned during that conversation the other night, but I didn’t mention it.

I ran into Miss Maddox, and showed her all the work that I have gotten done in the past three or four days.  It still needs a lot of work but I’ll get it all done eventually.

After she fell asleep I left the sub and ran into a young boy who eventually showed me to an area in the back where Brother Lapis was and he gave me some food for Miss Maddox.

This was my first real encounter with the ‘Church of the Builder’ and I was rather surprised to hear about a patron saint of mathematics.  I did a little research in their library on the matter, and while I find the idea intriguing it doesn’t do me any good.

Apparently, I can’t bring myself to believe in math either.

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