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The hunger

The rat had searched desperately as it grew more and more ravenous. It was getting cooler lately and it’s usual food supply, the trash dumped into the canal near the lightning house, had stopped. It had explored the sewers looking for another food source but everywhere it was the same and other rats were on the march too.

Finally, after crossing much of the length of the city,  it detected a tantalizing scent!

But there was a wall between it and the source. No matter, rats can dig through mere wooden walls. It took quite a lot of work but finally he could just about squeeze through to the delicious food on the other side . .


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  1. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra September 12, 2010

    I saw another one go into that blue box that often sits in the foyer of the Brunel. I must’ve waited 15 minutes and it didn’t come out again. When I left ( Taking some care to avoid startling the monstrousity ) I looked in and nothing was there.


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