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The great hospital escape (the nightmare) (Feb 3)

Snow whimpers as he tosses and turns, he had only been in the hospital a week but his wounds had mostly healed except for the claw marks.  Something was slowing that down. He had managed to tear the stitches on his wounds a few times as well without meaning to. The boy was tired, all these strange nightmares he was starting to skip sleep now and then.

So many things had happened: the man with the clank head, the nightmares of who might have shot him, and the visit from the head of the asylum who had then spoken with Chess . Snow was getting stressed, the dreams; the wolf was back.  The monster taunted him, as his eyes close…. and starts… to….dream.

Snow blinked as he looked at another nightmare…. it had to be… it did not feel like he was awake, there was the man with the clank head.  Something else was in the shadows something snarling, a figure, looking like Snow, but its eyes were different.  

The other growled as Snow whimpered, ”What do you want… I told you no….I do not need your help.” The wolf snarled again, as snow was wounded in his dreams the wolf had not a scratch on him as the wolf spoke.  

“Call me by my name.”  The wolf walked past the frozen image of the man who was enhanced, the wolf speaking again, “If you let me take control then this would not have stopped us…. this thing would not have taken from you and lived…” the wolf growled and walked closer to snows bed, ”You can’t hold out forever.”  He grabbed Snows neck roughly, ”Your weak… your weak boy now let me in control!”

”NO…NO I I… I WON’T be… a…mon…s……” Snow hears a voice… its his friends he could hear their voices as he pushes the wolf off, “Go!”

The wolf let off a low snarl as he stumbles back, ”one day… one… day…”

Snow woke up gasping, he heard his friends voices outside as the door to his room opened, and Arnold entered with Leon following right behind him. Arnold speaks up first “How are you doing, Snow?” He asks curiously.

Snow lowers his ears with a whimper” a.. a… I am getting better.” He says softly his voice sounding like it did not hurt to talk as much as it used to. But it was obvious Snow still was in pain and in a bit of a daze from the painkillers they had him on. As Arnold started to check the young wolves bandages Tepic sliped into the room.

Snow shivered a bit nervously as the bandages were checked, they were a bit of a mess having been ripped off the night before.  Arnold asked if they had been and Snow nodded.

“Nice ter see yer gettin the hang of yer nursin too, Mr Arnold.”  Tepic said to his friend, who shook his head and explained he wasn’t allowed on duty yet.

Snow whinned softly, “When can i get out of here?”

“Say, did the Doc run off with all the lead they dug out? could get a fair price down the scrap fer that much!” Tepic chuckled mischeviously.

“No, he has it all saved as evidence he said.  That Snow was shot by two different guns.”

Tepic shook his head, “Blimey mate, they were really after yer, wern’t they!”

Leon shook his head, “As if there will be an investigation,” He had a lot of doubts about the city government after the BUM’s fiasco.

Snow blinked at the revelation and nodded, “Tha…means… means my dreams…are wrong… I..I do not know who shot me…. I just-” His eyes where blood shot and bags under his eyes

Tepic looked to Snow and spoke up “yer dreamin bad, Snow?” Snow looks to Tepic and lowers his ears whimpering softly.  Tepic thinks and looks to his friend “Hmmmm……. yer should give ‘im a nice cup of hot camomille an mint tea before ‘e sleeps, with a dollop of honey in it!” As leon pipes in “Or a shot of something strong”

Snow also turned to Arnold and speaking up, “Some…strange man…. came in…. he kept talking bout the cat to chess last night….. the cat can do this and that…… he also ripped my bandages off to look at my injuires”

Arnold thinks, “That…” he says softly, “Was he short…. Feel wrong to you?” Snow nods and shivered, “And he was strange.” Tepic speaks up  “blimey….. yer know who that sounds like?

“He sets my back up too if it’s Canergak,” Arnold replied sofly. Snow thinks and nods a little “oy think thats what oy heard him say his name was.” Tepic looks to Snow “Well… then there’s one good thing, Snow, that wern’t no dream!” Snow whimpers as his ears lower “Kept calling me a specimein or an it,” he then shivers again “Felt as bad as what I normally dream.” he meeps and goes quite.

“He…calls everything in the asylum a specimen too.” Arnold says as Tepic speaks up, “Ha! ‘e says stuff like that ter anyone with a decent tail, recon it’s cus he ain’t lucky enough ter have one himself, or if he does it’s a little ratty one!” Arnold shifts a bit, looking uncomfortable. Leon nodded as his tail flicks, listening as he did not know much about this person yet.

Snow whimpers softly “then the creepy clank head this place is been kinda making me feel trapped…when can oy get back on me feet and out of ere?”  Arnold felt at his head a moment, gripping it before he replied, “Well…I’m not officially at work yet…or I’d sign you out.”  Tepic looks to his friend, “Gosh…. is he fit ter move?” Arnold shook his head, “Not yet…. But in a few days… perhaps crutches”

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  1. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell February 7, 2013

    A sidebar question I realize but when you say “clank head”, I just wondered,  does it literally clank?

  2. Nathan Adored Nathan Adored February 7, 2013

    It just means they’ve added mechanical parts to someone’s head.  Automatons are called “clanks” here a lot.

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