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The Great Big New Babbage RFL Pub Crawl 5th July

The annual pub crawl!  While the map was being drawn up several potholes appeared in the roads, which caused confusion.  Therefore the event has been moved to 5th July.  One day after that thing in the US so there’s no need to stop drinking – just carry on!


The New Babbage pub crawl on Saturday might be a little hazardous. The only available map seems to be one a pirate dropped in the mud while escaping from a fate worse than death. Presumably there wasn’t a drop of rum in the city, despite a thorough search.

It gets worse – the map is torn into several pieces. That pirate was angry! Well, the band of hopefuls will be gathering in Clockhaven at 1pm on Saturday. Coffin-makers, undertakers, doctors, and militia are advised to prepare for .. well, be prepared.

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