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The goal is within sight

As Tasha floats about chasing the pigeons as sport, I hear running in the background.  Belldandy sprints into the graveyard with a huge smile on her smile and drops to one knee and places a hand on her forehead in intimation of the legendary pious monk Te-bow.

“Sempai, we have the building as you ordered”, she says with a gruff voice laced with a barely suppressed giggle. “The agent was most helpful just as you said.  I have but to speak with the Clockwinder over the actual parcel transfer.”

With equal measures of silliness and authority I reply, “Hontouni kandoushita.  I was not sure how you would handle yourself in such a complicated situation.  Omedetou Bell-chan.”

Belldandy looks up with a frown on her face, “How shall I handle the Clockwinder?  Between women business matters are easily taken care of. Bergamasco-san mentioned several times that he is an enigma to most.”

I ponder that question for a few moments.  “It is true that the Clockwinder does follow his own rules.  Few truly understand him.  My suggestion would be to accord him the same respect as you would one of the senior monks.  When you have the funds, please give Bergamasco-san the balance of the tender.  She has done everything needed and I am sure she will offer her advice should we require it.”

“Hai, I know how to work with the senior monks!  I shall be the same with him.”  Belldandy slips back into the role of the minion again. “Wakarimashita Sempai, I shall not fail!”  She leaves for Babbage, her trademark laughter floating in the wind.

Tasha comes next to me, “Is it true we are going back to Babbage Miss Hermit?

I turn to face the house ghost, “It surely appears so.”

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  1. Cadmus Lupindo Cadmus Lupindo February 18, 2012

    Bring him a bottle of fermented milk, it might make things go smoother.

  2. Buckminster Solo Buckminster Solo February 21, 2012

    The fascinating Babbage real estate market… where proximity to a graveyard actually increases property values.


    “…with a huge smile on her smile…”

    May we assume this was a rather brilliant literary flourish (which I shall be stealing) and not a typo?

    • Queer Hermit Queer Hermit February 21, 2012

      Let us call it a “rather brilliant literary flourish”…I like it ever so much better than “typo”.


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