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The Ghost Of A Life Past

It had been an unusually warm summer day in New Babbage.

Mornington sat in his new house, unhappy with the arm weather and the more thicker than usual choking smog which was blanketing the city.  New Babbage in summer was not a nice place to be.  It was around 3pm when one of the urchin messengers from The Church hammered on Morningtons front door with a letter.

“‘ere ya are Mista Goatle…I mean Mornington sir!”

Mornington chuckled, tipped the urchin a half silver coin and gave him a slice of butterscotch fudgecake.  As he watched the urchin run off he heard a knocking on the back door of his house.

“Dang…busy day in Academy”.

He opened the door and stood face to face with Alice Wilson…wife of Charlie Wilson, Morningtons ‘Go Get’ man.

“Alice! in ya come, have a seat…dont mind the mess, was busy sorting through some old papers and deeds i have”.

Alice looked worried, and then looked at the letter.

“You better read that letter Mr McAndrews sir…its from Chuck.”

“Ohhhhhh please Alice…none of that McAndrews name here, I’m Mornington now…”

Mornington opened the letter and seen the return address was from Charlie.  He was in Ravila, that nasty little town far, far away from Mornington…sometimes Mornington wished it was a lot more father away.

The letter read…

“Hi Boss.

I have, under instructions from your uncle in Shetland, been visiting the old estates of the McAndrews-Mornington family.  I’v ebeen to Bump already to check up on your cousin, he’s doing fine, a bit more insane than usual though.

However, I am currently in Ravila chacking up on your old estate home in the ‘Blood Quarter’ as you and your family so elequantly put it.  There seems to be some problems with the locals of the quarter and the local Church of the Builder.  I have payed your cousin Thomas and his wife Elandra passage on a ship bound for Caledon and instructed them to lay low there for a while to wait on things blowing over. 

The estate house is now locked and sealed and we have informed the lead Master of the Blood Quarter that the McAndrews estate is to be mothballed.  He agree’s, considering the history you and your family have with the Church in this town.

Also, one other thing.  An airship from New Babbage has been parked here for almost a week.  New Babbage airship usually lay over for a few days but it looks as if the owners of this airship are staying for a while.  You might know them, its Scottie and Sky Melnik.



Mornington put the letter down and sank into his chair.

“First that blundering idiot Emerson finds that painting…now The Melniks are staying in Ravila.  I swear Alice someone has it in for me.”

Alice looked at Mornington and nodded.

“The reason im here Mr Mornington sir is another message from Charlie, it came from Ravila this morning directed to me.  Alice passed the telegram.

Mornington read it.

“To V.M…Old estate house boarded up.  All signage and family coat of arms taken down.  Will keep an eye on house”

Mornington chuckled.

“Well Alice, if the coat of arms and family name is off of the house, the Melniks will just think its another old family estate.  Ravila…hate that place, swarming with those nut jobs from the Church of the Builder.”

Alice looked at Mornington and asked why him and the church had a ‘history’ in Ravila.

Mornington looked at Alice and grinned.

“Lets just say Alice…that the last time there was an uprising in the Blood Quarter…i was there, on the front line.  They barred me from ever entering foot in that hell hole of a town again, so i passed the family home to my cousin.  He’s a true Vampire, back then I was a Varcolac…hence the legs and tail.”

Alice replied back…

“Some day Mr Mornington, your past will eventually catch up with you.”

“Not if i keep running Alice…not if i keep running…”

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  1. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire June 12, 2012

    (((0_0 Awesome. This plot gets thiiiiiick…)))

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