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The First New Babbage Census


This is a repost of the notecard that was available in this week’s Engineer’s Notes. You can either drop it to me inworld, send me a message here on the ning, or send me an email at

Please fill out for each character.


City of New Babbage



Please fill out the following questions below for yourself or your RP character(s) and return them to Verlia Bilavio. Please direct any questions to Verlia Bilavio as well. (You can drop me a notecard or email me at

PURPOSE: To conduct a demographics report of the city for future usage and for curious minds. The individual information received in your notecard will not be released without prior consent. That is to say, your name will not be released with the answers to your questions. All information will be gathered, calculated and released in a document for the residents of New Babbage. This census is completely optional. If you do not feel comfortable answering any of the questions below, you do not have to. However, for best results we need enough data to make calculations, therefore we ask you kindly to fill out the questions and return them. Thank you.


1. Approximate months since arrival in New Babbage:

2. Approximate age of you or your character (or if you or your chracter does not know their age, what is their approximate perceived age?) If the actual age of your character is different, please indicate this as well:

3. Gender, male, female, or other (please explain):

4. Race, or perceived race. Human, Automaton, Fur, Mer, other(please fill in):

5. Area of residence (Answer only if you feel as though your chracter lives in a particular place. If you live in multiple areas, list these areas, starting with the predominate one. If you liveall over New Babbage, simply answer all):


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  1. Buckminster Solo Buckminster Solo July 15, 2011

    Is there a deadline? When were you hoping to report your results?

    • Verlia Bilavio Verlia Bilavio July 15, 2011

      Probably a few months from now so that there’s time to gather enough results, especially since we’re headed into vacation season.

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