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The Family Jewels

continued from The Wren Hunt


“Come with me I have something to show you.” Odnar said with a smile.

Odnar took Maggie’s hand and gave it a little squeeze. He led the way through a maze of passages as they went deeper and deeper into the mountain.

They came to a long stone passageway lit with flaming torches. The passage ended in front of a large iron door.

Odnar unlocked the door and pulled it open.

Maggie gasped.

Inside were three large iron chests. One chest filled with gold, one with silver and one with gems. There were shelves filled with ornate boxes and jewelry. Odnar picked up the closest box.

“Which box is this?” He asked himself as he opened the box.

“Five golden rings… they were a gift. There were seven in the set, but two were lost a long time ago.” Odnar muttered as he put it back on the shelf.

He directed Maggie’s attention to a small gold harp with silver strings. “My mother use to play this when she sang lullabies to us children.” He said fondly.




When they were done Odnar took Maggie’s hand and led her along to the Parlour room. There Odnar’s parents were waiting for them. Of his father, Búri, little could be seen under his voluminous white beard. The elderly man’s eyes were bright and as blue as the sky and his cheeks rosy. Odnar’s mother, Freyja, wore her steel grey hair braided and did not look up from her knitting.

“So you showed her the treasure room?” She said quietly never looking up from her needles.

“Yes Moder” Odnar said trying not to sound anxious.

“Then it is time to show her the kitchen.” Freyja continued with her work with a slight smile and a twinkle in her eye.

“Yes Moder” Odnar took Maggie by the hand whisked her out of the room.

They entered the kitchen and Maggie looked around. The kitchen was a very good size and well stocked for such a large family. All types of pots and pans hung from racks on the wall. Herbs and meats hung from the ceiling.

“It is a very nice kitchen.” Maggie said continuing to look around.

“If you need anything just ask.” Odnar said with a smile.

“Ask?” Maggie’s eyes grew big.

“You mean cooking … me?” Maggie’s jaw dropped.

“It is a tradition of prospective daughters … My Mother wants you to cook the goose.” Odnar was not sure how she would react.

Maggie stood there with her mouth open her eyes big and round. She took in the unfamiliar kitchen with new eyes and gulped.

She took a deep breath and put her hands on her hips. “Best show me where the apron is or dinner’ll be very late.”

From just outside the doorway Freyja had been listening and at this, nodded and slipped away again, pleased.

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