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The Family Gathers

Melissa placed down the glass of wine slowly, looking at the nice graze on Bianca’s arm and sighed taking a seat at the table watching Charise clumsily bandage it up. Eyes cold and calculating Bianca let her eyes study the flames in the hearth to the side of her, wincing here and there when Charise would bandage too tightly.


“Wow…he finally got good with his aim?” Melissa muttered into her own glass of merlot, her lips puckering as her red locks bobbed witht he motion.

“I must of slept through the entire thing…” Charise muttered lowly cringing as she looked at the mess she made of the bandages and for the tenth tim, she undid them to begin again.

“He was lucky…but it was time for him to go…clearly time for him to go…He was becoming an irritant to many, and a liability for the Family and our affairs. Ouch!” 

“Sorry…” Charise once again mumbled lowly, her mind was elsewhere that night.

Melissa cut her gaze at Charise and rose, shooing her, “Why don’t you go get drunk or something… you do better living up to your hair color, than basic first aide.”

Charise, stunned at first turned her head to face the woman, her thin blonde brow arched high upon her forehead. Ready to open her lips with words to snap at Melissa’s head angrily, she found herself calming at a pat on the back of her hand. “It’s alright Charise…Melissa will handle this…I need you to make sure the family is gathered tomorrow night by nine.”

Both ladies stopped dead in their tracks and stood up as if attentive soldiers. Even their breathing was barely heard as they leaned in towards the table awaiting more of her words.

“A meeting? That late in the evening? The Cogfather I’m guessing?” Melissa questioned over her glasses that settled on the edge of her freckled nose.

“Yes, and from what I know it is very very serious…” was Bianca’s sharp reply. Another bit of silence passed before Melissa began to work on the bandaging with care, though she couldn’t help but keep her eyes skimming back and forth between Bianca and Charise. Charise stood there quietly, wringing her hands in thought as she leaned against the wingback chair. Melissa finished satisfied at her work and Bianca rose flexing her arm to examine the bandages. An approving nod caused the ladies to rise, packing up their belongings, and follow her as she left the kitchen walking up the stairs to the upper chambers they all three stopped when the precense of The Cogfather came into view from the shadows at the end of the hall.


“You where shot?” the gruff, harsh voice whispered in the night air of the hall. Bianca nodded to Charise and Melissa to retire upon which they gave one another a knowingly bothered look before doing as told.

Once out of sight, Bianca nodded and approached, “Yes…”


“No…flesh wound if best.”

A silence…

“The Frenchman is…”

“Dead Cogfather…”

“Fantastic…” came from a low growl as a couple of heavy footsteps shuffled her way before stopping. “Did you pass the word along?”

“Yes Cogfather…as you asked, the family is being gathered.”

A cold leather gloved hand cupped the bottom of her face tilting it so her ear was toward the voice, “Everyone…”

“Everyone what Cogfather?” she muttered through the grasp not certain if the word was a question or a comment, however feeling it tighten she found out The Cogfather was not in a mood to be questioned this evening and the sharp, guttorial yell of anger and malice that peirced her delicate ear reassured that…



Akidami rose on the adjacent roof-top, his eyes narrowing as he tried to get a better view of what was going on behind that soot-stained window.

Melissa dropped the arsenic lipstick she had been molding when the yell errupted into the hall, Charise nervously grabbed her pillow and winced, and Ming and Shiro slept like logs passed out from their earlier works of the day.


The silence engulfed the house of Gutters Row again and Bianca’s jaw was released. Ear ringing, she closed her eyes as the figure brushed passed her and disappeared down the steps.


“Alright….everyone…” she said trying her best to clear her ringing ear…and shattered mind.

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