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The Exorcism – Filing the paperwork

Terranova Investigative Services
#25 Merryman Way
New Babbage, New Babbage
Casefile: 09RD080101
Location: Warehouse, SE corner of Jefferson & Perdido, Babbage Square
Synopsis: Complainant Br. Dominic Lapis stated that there was ongoing criminal activity at the above location, which is currently housing an unlicensed opium parlor. During the course of checking the premises a large number of human and animal remains were discovered in the attic.
All remains were secured pending examination by the City Coroner.
The contents of the scene were processed, photographed and cataloged.
The investigation is ongoing.
Case Status: Open

Ms. J. Dagger, Senior Investigator
Mr. J.S. Cratchitt, Runner
Mr. R. Tibbs, Runner
Miss J. Smythe, Associate

Property & Evidence List
Location: Abandoned warehouse, SE corner of Jefferson & Perdido, Babbage Square
Item 1) Crate containing mixed animal remains. Not recent.
Item 2) Crate containing mixed animal remains. More recent.
Item 3) Crate containing mixed animal remains. Contents display a high level of insect activity and decomposition.
Item 4,5,6) Dessicated corpse, details unknown. Wrapped in sheet. Cause of death unknown at time of report.
Item 7) Crate containing dismembered body. Possible predation.
Item 8) Box containing severed head. Appears to be female. Black hair neatly arranged, held in place by ornate jade haircomb.
Item 9) Large crate containing various bones and unidentified body parts.
Item 10) Bound journal book

Remains are to be examined by City Coroner Miggins.
Miss J Smyth, Associate


Personal Journal NByr9, 1 August
It’s been a long day. Once we came down from the roof everyone managed to relate something close to the same story. The thing ran out, Cratchitt alerted Lapis, it ran towards the Chapel, the Brothers lost it in the dark. I asked about Lucius and all either of them would say was he had turned in for the night. Lapis sent Sevas back before I could talk to him, and Lapis was exceptionally obtuse once the chase was over.
We started clearing the attic once everyone had a chance to let the excitement wear off. It was more of a mess than I had originally thought. For starters, the original ‘manager’ of the opium den was an older female named Li Fen Woe, and she apparently had a habit of stashing clients who died chasing the dragon in the attic. We found several tightly wrapped desiccated bodies stacked in the one corner of the room. If it had been under some other circumstance, I’m sure someone would have figured out to sell a genuine ‘New Babbage Mummy’ to Mr. Dark’s little freakhouse.
The next part gets more interesting. Mr Lee, the current proprietor, went on and on about how he had prayed for assistance with Madame Woe, as apparently she was a real harridan as an employer. So he said one day the ghost shows up and begins to sing about how things are about to change. Mr Lee said that he came in to work and found that Madame Woe was not in her usual spot by the door awaiting customers. Lee claimed the ghost was in the shadows telling him that freedom was at hand, and that the den now belonged to him. The ghost remained present and would appear on occasion if one of the customers became angry or displeased.
Mr Lee said that the arrangement remained a mutually beneficial one for a number of weeks, until the ghost became much more aggressive towards him and began making ever increasingly bizarre demands. Lee finally approached one of the Brothers with the idea of the exorcism as a last resort.
Inside one of the boxes we found a severed head that just by part of the description was most likely our missing lady. I took the box down to Lee and made him look at it, and he confirmed that this indeed was the now late Madame Woe. He said that the comb in her hair was hers and was a prized possession.
By proximity, we found another crate with a neatly dismembered and obviously female body inside. It was presumably the rest of Madame Woe, given the size, mass, and skintone. Apparently the ghost sampled the goods but didn’t come back for seconds.
There was also a large quantity of animal parts in various stages of decomposition in a few other boxes. I decided that Jordan needed to make the property list, and to her credit she only threw up twice. Poor Tibbs had to step out before he got the sympathy heaves.
We found a set of bound journals, two account ledgers (or so I assume), and another containing some curious writing. Jordan had taken a peek and she said it made no sense to her. Before I had a chance to examine it fully, Brother Lapis decided it was of the utmost importance that he take it with him. It turned out that I opted for saving my strenuous argument for another day, and let him have the book.
Lucky for us we didn’t have far to go to deliver the remains to the morgue. I left Miggins a note and locked everything up in the storage room.
I will come back tomorrow and look around in the daylight, once I’ve had a bath and a nap. I have a feeling this isn’t over yet.

If you came here first, read this…

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  1. Zaros Xue Zaros Xue August 11, 2015

    The mystery deepens! *checks her New Babbage brand popcorn bucket* I need more popcorn though….

    • Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon August 11, 2015

      *makes another batch of popcorn for Zaros*

      • Zaros Xue Zaros Xue August 11, 2015

        Oh! Thanks! *Resumes stuffing her face full of popcorn.*

  2. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger August 13, 2015

    Casefile: 09RD080101

    Follow up report

    Met with City Coroner. Dr. Miggins processed all the remains recovered at the scene and determined the following:

    • Body listed as Item 4 was a male approximately 25 years of age, black hair, 5 feet 3 inches in height and approximate weight around 150 pounds. Tattoo “Molly” on inner right forearm, hands calloused and shows signs of previous broken fingers. Proximate cause of death opium stupefaction.

    • Body listed as Item 5 was a female approximately 18 years of age, brown hair, 5 feet 2 ½ inches in height, approximate weight 100 pounds. Numerous scars on hands, forearms and knees. Proximate cause of death opium stupefaction.

    • Body listed as Item 6 was a male approximately 50 years of age, bald, 5 feet 7 inches in height and approximate weight around 135 pounds. Numerous lesions from antemortem injuries. Proximate cause of death opium stupefaction.

    • Items 1,2,and 3 contained bones from various examples of Felis Catus and Rattus Norvegicus. All remains displayed damage from cutting instruments.

    • Item 7 & 8. In total the boxes contained the body of a female approximately 60 years of age. The height is assumed to be 5 feet tall, and approximately 105 pounds. Proximate cause of death was by strangulation. Body was dismembered at the major joints. Postmortem cuts indicate several pieces of tissue were removed from the thigh and biceps of both limbs.

    • Item 9 contained a large number of human bones from various donor sources. It was determined that the bones do not represent one single victim.

    Human remains were sent to Potter’s Field for burial, animal remains were incinerated.

    Investigation continues.

    Ms. J. Dagger, Senior Investigator
    Miss J. Smythe, Associate

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