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The Evening News Report

You know, these street lads are veritable volcanoes of information, and always ready to erupt with a right word and a small coin.


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  1. Dee Wells Dee Wells April 27, 2013

    I’m reminded both of how often the word on the street is
    crafted carefully to fit the ear of the listener, and how shrewdly New Babbage
    urchins (who generally have a keen—indeed uncanny—sense of the city’s pulse) can—while appearing to spill a great many beans—feed a questionable
    inquirer just enough to lead them further astray. Urchins do keep a tight rein on good
    information, and seem to only let it slip in the direction they feel it will do
    the most good while doing precisely the opposite with bad information. One must
    indeed shop very carefully these days.

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