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The dream of blood

Snow sat up startled in his bed in the urchin hideout, panting.  He had healed up well over the last few days, no one could even tell he had been shot or clawed. His ears twitched as he got up and went over to get a cup of water.

“Why won’t he leave me alone, oy am so tir….” he froze as he thought about everyone who’s helped him so far, his new friends; even a doctor who had figured out what he was and even brought him meat daily to get his strength back up.

He smiled as he set the empty cup down, before hearing a low growl in the room.  He knew that growl, the wolf was here.  “you think I am not letting you sleep? Well, you are right.  I will keep showing these dreams, till I have control of our body.” Snow blinks a bit as he stares at the glowing green eyes as he goes to rub his own eyes everything changes, he was no longer in the urchin hideout ,but in a cellar. Snow blinked, this memory was familiar…the nightmare, the one the wolf showed him every night for the last 5 years.

The lupine body tugging and pulling at the chains, it was a full moon he was stuck in this for the whole night but he could hear something a voice no…. two voices one a woman’s almost in tears

“Where is my daughter?  Does she even remember me?  Please I need to know… I know you’re a Daemonjager…but…”

A heavily accented german accented voice spoke up, a voice all too familiar to the wolf, “Lilith has been a great assistant and is learning much and is quite loyal to learning about the science’s.  But I have come here tonight because your neighbors have sent for me.  I have been told about noises here at night, are you protecting something I am to dispatch.”

There was silence for a bit before the distressed mother spoke up, ”Please there is no one here but me.  Just let me have my Lilith back.  Please, she is all I have.”

The Daemonjager spoke up a bit more firmly now,  “Rose, I can’t let her return, not at this critical time in my research.  As for this creature I am to search for it and kill it, and if it exists and you are hiding it, you shall not escape this night either.”

The chained up wolf started to growl louder, but he was chained up to keep his hunger from making him bite on the full moon.  He could not do anything as Rose was endangered. The womans voice was getting louder, ” There is no monster here but you, Dr.  Please just leave me be and retu-”

The Daemonjager grunts and starts to make his way towards the cellar door as Rose throws herself in front of it, “You do no-”

There was a gasp, the sound of a blade being drawn, and then a scream of pain.  As the smell of blood filled the air hunger was driven from the young wolves mind.  He started to tug and pull at the chains harder, boots could be heard coming down the steps into the cellar. Before long the Daemonjager stood near the cellar door, ”Good, you are down here.  Based on the markings it must be Erebus, the one I am looking for.  Just a pup though, not as fearsome as its father had been.  But I can see it in you, a killer waiting to come out.”

As he moves closer to the boy the shadow kept the wolf from seeing the Daemonjagers face, ”Your pelt is as white as your mothers.  Shame.  I prefer a challenge.”  He grined as he slams the point of his blade into the restrained boy, the wolf letting out a deep and pained howl, it was silver, it felt like fire.  It felt like he was being drained, his blood trickling down the sword and pooling, no draining, something on his sword was gathering a bit of his blood.

The wolf collapsed onto the chains as he stopped fighting, the pain of the silver sword stabbed through him was unbearable, worse than anything he’d ever dreamed. Once the Daemonjager got what he wanted he pulled the sword from the boy and grined, ”This should be enough, now off with you.  I will be back to hunt you later. “

There was a loud bang as the chains fell loose, the smell of gunpowder in the air, and the pup fell to his knees.  The white fur on his body around where he was stabbed turned crimson, out of instinct the wolf looks to the hunter as it growled and  lunges, the hunter having expected such a primal reaction side steps the boys attack only to bring his sword across the boys back, leaving another wound, causing the wolf to slump to the ground in a whimpering mass of pain.

The hunter sighed, ” No challenge boy.  I want you to run!  I want to hunt you down!” The wolf whimpers struggling to his feet as he started to retreat out of the cellar only to hear the words, the words so ingrained he heard them awake or asleep “Boy, no matter where you run I will find you!  No beast, or monster, has a soul!  A killer runs in your blood, you can never run from what you are!”

Snow sat up with a yelp, a few other urchins telling him to quiet down as they fell back asleep. Sweat pouring down his body as he shivers, he knew the wolfs name but still would not say it, he did not want to please the monster as he trembles getting out of bed to get a glass of water, checking to make sure there was nothing in the shadows watching.

Snow decides to fight again, he has to find a place a new place he can hide, the moon will be full soon, and it earned its name the hunger moon, Snow knew every year at this time the wolf was strong sometimes almost too strong for him.  

As he slips out into the night to start his exploring, he makes his way towards the port, deciding to once more go into the sewers, wondering around for a bit, he ends up underground in front of the brewery, seeing the pipes flowing beer to the gangplank, an idea coming to mind, what better place than here it has to be safe. With this he goes out to gather his supplies, 4 iron spikes long enough to go deep into brick he worked on it at night when no one would see, and finished with only a couple days to spare, in a few more nights he would hide here, chained to these spikes hoping it was enough to keep the wolf from hurting anyone.

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