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The Demand for Voles

Well, business is good! Not only are the vole cheeses going down well at the new pizza place, now i got an order fer ten live voles a day, regular! Was strange, got a message a certain someone wanted ter see me, an when i’d tracked him down, he asked if i could get him some voles, every day. Well, i did check what he wanted em for, cus i don’t want no-one doing anything bad to em, you gotta treat the little things right. Didn’t really understand what it were for exactly, but it were to help someone else, so it seemed alright.

Anyhow, i now gotta step up the trapping, cus of course i gotta build up stocks of vole meat fer the winter as well as give lots to this bloke. The milking herd is at full capacity, and the cheese making i had ter cut the maturing time ter three days from the usual six, so don’t think the flavour is quite as good, but….. well… put it on bread with other strong stuff cook it till it boils, an who notices?

So i’m busy, an i got a couple of the others helping pack stuff up an doing deliveries. At this rate, this could be the best winter ever, after all, what could go wrong?

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse September 6, 2011

    /pretends not to notice the last 4 words

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