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The Cristmas Kitten (Part 2)

As usual, Hyde rounded the corner of the old condemned building and slipped into a snowy alleyway; A secret passage, if you will, to the back door of Jekyll’s house. All sorts of posters, advertising everything from questionable cures to Militia enlistment, all sorts of posters that formed a breadcrumb trail to Jekyll’s back door. As long as nobody finds any significance in that, Hyde assumed, his secrets would be safe.

Hyde glanced around and reached into his coat pocket for his key, which was his custom, when he felt something small and fuzzy rub against his fingers.

Oh, right. The kitten was still there, and Hyde had just disturbed its nap. It mewed pitifully, as if to ask, ‘Why did you wake me up, papa?’  He sighed heavily as he fished the keys from under the noisy kitten and opened the door to let himself in.

SLAM. Click.

Hyde locked the door; After hanging his scarf and newsboy cap on the doorknob, he had to pull the kitten out of his coat before he could change into the doctor’s clothes. Not the full ensemble, just the trousers and button up shirt. The kitten sat on top of Hyde’s discarded clothes on the floor (He usually left Jekyll to put them away) and watched with curiosity as its new owner rolled up his oversized sleeves and started rummaging through the drawers, muttering to himself all the way.

“Why not?” He sneered as he prepared a glass of some kind of reddish tincture, “It’s a plain ‘ol cat! It can’t tell anybody…”

To the cat, Hyde had paused for a long time before answering to some unheard reply. That cat was an ordinary one, and ordinary cats are sadly unable to read minds. Ergo, it could not hear Jekyll’s reply, nor did it know there was any presence to reply to.

“You know what?” Hyde abruptly said, grinning wickedly as he measured out a portion of what looked like salt, “I bet ya it might run away out of fright.”

He poured the salt into the liquid, letting it dissolve and bubble as he turned his attention to the cat.

“Now then,” he grinned, speaking to the confused and uneasy creature with a tinge of drunken malice in his voice, “You’re rather lucky, cat. You get to witness something only a handful of people have seen. Something horrid and wonderful, and I know there is no way in hell you’d be able to share it. Hah!”

Hyde grabbed the elixir, its color now a watery green, and toasted to the cat.

“So… Behold.” He downed the elixir in one gulp and slammed the glass on the table.

The poor kitten watched anxiously as Hyde started to foam at the mouth, coughing up small amounts of bile as he suddenly doubled over in pain. His sinister smirk turned to self-muffled screams of pain as his limbs quaked and twitched. The kitten stepped forward, carefully, cautiously to the squirming figure before it jumped back in horrified realization that his limbs were somehow stretching. The man was changing all over; The hairs on his arms thinned and lightened, as did the hair on his head, and even the man’s voice seemed to change.

It seemed like an eternity before the spasms and screams died down. There, slumped on the floor, he lay there for a moment or two, and the only thing that came from his mouth were heavy, tired breaths.

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  1. River Falcon River Falcon December 26, 2015

    It seems that various cats are making quite an appearance in the city now.

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