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The Creature Reborn!

Ironic, that while we were getting ready to hold a town meeting to finally deal with the threat of the beast and those who would use it for their own ends, those people were making final preparations on their plans!


For me, the meeting ended before it began as two young urchins, Tepic and Myrtil, came running in yelling about some man had hurt them to make them cry and taken their tears, before disapearing into a secret room near  the cemetary.  While most of the hall seemed to initially ignore this, I went with young Myrtil to keep an eye on the room.

When others finally arrived, led by Maltheus Canis and the Malkuth knights,  we all went in at once and discovered a Mr. Sooth Mosswood standing in front of the Regen machine, in which floated the long sought beast.  A tense confrontation followed, while Mosswood gloated over his plans, and Mr. Canis tried to reason with him. 


Eventually, he introduced the new tears and corrected the flaws in the homunculi, while revealing who it was he intended to gift its body to: Jason Moriarty.  Having not very much knowlege of this man, I admit my own predictions were vastly off, my own thoughts being that it might be Willard Steamweaver.  Despite a few rounds of fire from young Gadget to try and damage the machine before it could finish, Moriarty was brought to life.

The destruction of the machine, however, caused it to begin to flood the room, up to neck height on an adult.  Thus, we were forced to begin a retreat, if only to get the urchins, many of whome can’t swim, out before they drowned in whatever liquid had come pouring out of the machine.  Then, to make matters worse, the whole room began to collapse on us!  It was a near thing, but Mr. Canis, who had performed admirably in this situation, managed to make sure we got everyone out, save Mosswood and Moriarty.


At least one person claims to have seen Mosswood dispatched by energy surges from the machine, but as for Moriarty…in that new body, he could very well be invincible, though there was speculation that with the original flaws in the homunculi corrected, he may be mortal now…

Afterwords, the Knights seemed to decide that since the beast was no longer the same beast that they had stood vigil against, that they were free to pursue their final rest.  There was much speculation on what might happen next, though only Moriarty, assuming he survived, which I’m sure he did, would truly know.  After a brief discussion of events, we dispersed to see to injuries, and, for those of us caught in the flood of chemicals, find a much needed change of clothes…


Unfortunately, we never did find out what Mosswood’s connection to the Van Creed was, if he truly had one…  Either way, I fear we haven’t heard the last of that group.

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